Thursday, February 16, 2012

Francis Macomber

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In the short story, The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber, Earnest Hemingway uses the protagonist and antagonist of the tale to show how even brief spouts of envy cause dismay. Typical of other Hemingway stories,

thestory takes place in a jungle, which Hemingway uses to set the mood for his predator on prey relationship between the protagonist and antagonist of the story. From the onset, Hemingway creates the impression that Francis

Macomber is not the typical code hero protagonist found in other Hemingway stories. Hemingway characterizes Francis as a coward, partially because Francis failed to kill a lion. The antagonist of the story, Macombers wife, uses this perception of Francis as a coward to become the predator, while Francis is the helpless prey. The only reason the two are even married are for trivial reasons. Margot only married Francis for his money and Francis only accepted her as his trophy wife. They tolerate each other only because

either has the assets to attract a new mate. After the story progresses, Francis eventually makes a kill on huge buffalo, thereby giving himself a sense of confidence. This confidence caused some alarm in his wife. She knew

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this confidence will cause him to leave her. Feeling threatened, Margots primal instincts as a predator took over. She quickly killed her husband, stopping him from escaping her grasp. In the end, Hemingway shows how greed

and envy easily can lead to death.This type of story is very typical of the Hemingway stories as he uses characteristics that are otherwise specifically held for animals to get his point across.

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