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Stalin’s rule in the Soviet Union had some successes but also, terrible events took place under his management. Stalin’s reign mostly revolved around his two Five-Year Plans. These plans were established in an attempt to strengthen Russia and help Russia catch up to Western Europe in terms of industrialization. Stalin started his first Five-Year Plan by trying to rouse the nationalistic feelings in the people of Russia. Using the fact that Russia “lag behind the advanced countries by fifty to a hundred years”, he motivated the people to work hard to catch up in the span of ten years or the country of Russia would be “crushed”. The plan was to join together small peasant farms into large collective farms where everything is equal.

The first Five-Year Plan’s goal is for industries to begin rapid industrialization. Stalin had set high targets for the industries to reach; sometimes the targets are three times the original amount. To expect so much in five years from a country that had poor economy and primitive technology, Stalin seemed to daydreaming and not facing the facts. It is impossible to compact what other countries had accomplished in fifty to a hundred years into ten years when a country has nothing to begin with.

While the first Five-Year Plan served more as a period where the base of the economy could be formed, the second Five-Year Plan is when the industrialization really started. For example, for the production of coal, it did not really increase a great deal until the period of the second Five-Year Plan.

However, the livestock numbers kept declining from the start of the first Five-Year Plan throughout the second Five-Year Plan. It was not until the middle of the second Five-Year Plan that the number of livestock slowly started to increase again. This one area failed from the plans that Stalin has created.

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Stalin wanted to create a classless society and so he let the people know that the kulaks must be eliminated in order to achieve that goal. Stalin could have attained a classless society more peacefully but the manner in which he chose to accomplish this goal was cruel. Peasants were shot and banished as kulaks. Kulaks were looked upon as the Soviet power’s enemy and they were depicted to the people as those who would “stooped to all possible means to wreck the collectivization campaign” and “murdered collective farm activists and Party and government officials sent to the villages to help the peasants”. Stalin made the officials look like they are there to help and aid the peasants and strive for Russia to become a greater country. He made the kulaks look like they don’t care for their country and they would do anything to harm Russia.

Another bad side to Stalin’s government is that the GPU would threaten people’s weak points to get them to confess to a crime that they did not commit “it is also probable that the accused gave in to some form of pressure…Some would give in to save their families, others in the hope of saving their own lives”. This kind of trial isn’t fair, when the defendant did do anything wrong but was forced into saying they did. Stalin’s government had a dark side to it, an unfair and menacing side.

In conclusion, Stalin’s rule did help out Russia’s economy and industrialization by building a foundation to improve upon. But also, in his rule, a great number of people died or were wrongly accused.

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