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The creation of Israel

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Would you agree that the creation of Israel in May 148 has been the most important event in shaping the present situation in the Arab Israeli conflict?

One cause of the current conflict between the Arabs and the Israelis is the creation of Israel in 148. There are lots of other important factors, which have contributed to this major area of dispute and hostility between the Arabs and Israelis; a dispute is still far from conciliation.

In 147 the UN discussed the future of Palestine and a decision was attained to separate the land into two states Jewish and Arab. The Jewish leader agreed with this idea but the Arabs rejected it as there were less Jews than Arabs and yet the Jews were to be given more land. Even though both sides didn’t agree to the creation of Israel it went ahead. Despite having done nothing wrong, the partition left the Arabs feeling punished. They were determined that they would regain the land wrongfully taken from them. Since that day the Arabs and Jews have fought over whom the land rightfully belongs to. Source 1 shows what the creation of Israel has caused to occur in today’s society. Israeli soldiers treat the body of the Palestinian man they had just murdered as a trophy. That is one example of the horrendous atrocities the creation of Israel is causing at the present.

Another cause of the conflict in the Middle East today is that both sides have strong claims to the land. The Jews believe the land belongs to them for mainly religious reasons. The Old Testament preaches that Palestine is the Jewish ‘promised land’. Their whole history revolves around Palestine and many of their religious buildings, such as The Temple Of Solomon in Jerusalem, are there. Even though, after a revolt in 15 AD, they had no homeland they still kept their pride as Jews and aimed to return to Palestine one day. Zionism increased this desire in the 1th century.

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The Muslims also believe Palestine is their homeland because their religion tells them that they are descended from Abraham’s son Ismael. Additionally, the Mosque of Omar and many other important mosques are found in Jerusalem. The Arabs felt their homeland had been taken from them without any justification. Source shows what devastation is being caused by two different groups of people who have opposite, enthusiastic views and strong feelings on the predicament they face.

One of the most catastrophic and inexplicable controversy to come out of dividing the Arabs and Israelis is the Palestinian refugees. Over one and a half million live in exile, most in refugee camps. The numbers in the camps have grown due to the continual Arab exodus from Israel. The Arabs and Israelis argue about who was responsible for making the Arabs leave and what has happened to the refugees. What is undeniable though is the impact this has on the current situation. The Arabs believe that Israel caused the problem by forcing the Arabs out, whereas the Israelis are convinced it is entirely the Arabs fault and that they chose to leave. Refugees are still there today. The Arabs want to go back to their homeland, which is the only place they want to be and that is why they have stayed in refugee camps. The Jews don’t want them back. Their opinion is it isnt their responsibility, it is the other Arab countries fault they remain refugee camps. The Arab refugees have nothing. Therefore they have nothing to lose and are prepared to dies for their country.

The Arabs that remained in Israel claim that ever since Israel has been created the Jews have treated them immorally making their lives unbearable. The Jews consider the Arabs to be backward people who are unworthy of any equality or justice of any kind. The Jews have used mass extermination to try to wipe out Arab culture. The Arabs are forced to learn Hebrew. They receive racial discrimination.

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