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"The Color Purple"

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“You better not never tell nobody but God. It’d kill you mammy” (pg. 1). The first line of the book and it is scary. From the beginning, The Color Purple by Alice Walker draws out intense emotions from the reader. It is a book that is brilliantly written and is saturated with compelling scenes. This is an exceptional book with tremendous power over the reader. It should not, however, be added to the mandatory reading list for language arts III honors. This book deals with many sensitive issues and teenagers should not be forced to face all of these sensitive issues.

From the get go, it is obvious that this book is meant for people who have reached a certain maturity level. In one of the first scenes, Celie is being raped by her father. The language used here is crude and she uses words like “titties” and “pussy”. This is how she knows the different parts of the body. The book goes on to continue to talk about sex throughout the book. This book is not made for the average high school student. A level of maturity is required in order to be able to understand what is happening without getting caught up in crude scenes. In a school, students can not be forced to read a book like The Color Purple because of the vulgar and crude scenes. It cannot be made mandatory for high school because it is such a serious topic and the book takes it so seriously that someone with a low level of maturity would not understand the book at all. Further, someone with a superficial understanding of the book would hurt the progress of other students in the class during group discussions. In general, The Color Purple deals with sensitive topics that many people just aren’t ready to face and for this reason, it cannot become part of mandatory LA III honors reading.

Celie goes through rape and so much more in this book. This subject is tabooed in our society and is extremely sensitive. Rape is not discussed frequently in this society, especially if a girl has been raped, she probably will not want to discuss it. It is impossible to be able to tell what kind of tragic events have plagued a person’s life by simply looking at them. The Color Purple touches upon a wide range of sensitive issues so it is possible, even likely, that one of these issues falls close to an experience that a student has had. More often than not, the student will not feel comfortable sharing his or her personal life with the entire life. This puts the student in an awkward situation. For this reason, The Color Purple should not be mandatory reading for school.

The Color Purple was, however, a poignant novel that has the ability to change the lives of many. It was beautifully written and the subject was provocative and moving. If it is the student’s choice to read this book, it should definitely be allowed because the student will grow tremendously from it. Therefore, in stead of making The Color Purple mandatory reading, it should be offered as one of a few between which the student could pick. This would give students the opportunity to read this extraordinary novel but would not put students who arent ready in a bad situation.

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With powerful and compelling scenes describing rape and beatings, The Color Purple has the ability to make some people extremely uncomfortable and others enlightened. Either way, it has to be up to the student to read it. If it is mandatory reading, many could very easily be offended and would not feel comfortable in class. Making it optional reading still emphasizes its importance but ultimately leaves the choice up to the student, the way it should be.

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