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Critical Lens Essay

“Nothing which has entered into our experiences is ever lost.” These words were said by D. Channing. I agree with this statement, because I believe that the experiences that we have, whether they are good or bad, they are always remembered. Two novels that most agree with this statement are The Odyssey, written by Homer, and Durable Goods, written by Elizabeth Berg. In both novels the characters and themes are much alike.

In the novel The Odyssey, a character named Telemachos grows up wondering if his father the great Odysseus is alive or dead. Odysseus has been gone for twenty years. One major theme in this book is maturity. Telemachos matures greatly throughout the book. He shows maturity when he calls a meeting, with all the people of Ithaca, which is the land, he and his family lived on. He also showed maturity when he sets out to find the information he needs to find his father.

In the book, Durable Goods the main character, Katie, moves a lot with her father, and sister, Diane. The theme of this book is maturity. Throughout the novel Katie matures greatly. She has her period, gets her first kiss, from a boy named Paul Arnold, and goes on her first date. Katie also shaves her legs, with a little help from Diane. Another theme in the book is love. Katie loves and is loved by her older sister Diane, even though Diane does not show it all the time. Katie also loves her father, even though he abuses her and Diane. Also Katie loves her mother very much, though she is dead, Katie still believes she can tell her anything. Katie moves a lot, but every time she always leaves a little bit of herself behind.

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In both books, The Odyssey and Durable Goods the characters mature in their own ways, and in the end they always come out very mature characters. “Nothing which has entered into our experiences is ever lost.” I agree with this quote said by D. Channing, and now you know two great novels that agree with this quote too.

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