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1. When I started reading this book I had already heard from my dad the basic idea of it. I thought it would take forever for Mr. Heaney to get to the part where Beowulf defeats Grendal and then even longer to defeat his mother, but no that was not the case. This book was a very fast paced book perhaps because it was supposed to be a narrative and it wanted to keep you attentive. There was a lot of action and very little slow points in the book that was pretty cool because not a lot of stories do that these days. I also found it very helpful to have the family trees in the back of the book therefore I could refer back to it if I needed to. Something that also made it helpful was the fact that Mr. Heaney put hose little notes on the side of the paper. I found that at some points I couldn’t understand what was happening so I would read the side notes and then go back over the part I didn’t understand and it would help me out a lot. Something that I didn’t like though was the fact that Beowulf was always accounting his heroic deeds and after a while you just don’t want to hear about them anymore. The beginning was also very confusing with the whole account of Shield Sheafing was a little weird and I wasn’t quite sure what they were getting at for the first couple pages. All in all though I enjoyed the book and thought that it was an interesting choice of reading.

. The title of this book is pretty easy to understand it is about the life of a very heroic man Beowulf, hence the title. The entire story is about him defeating the monster Grendal and then Grendal’s mother in fierce combat, it then goes on to explain the rest of his life back in the Geat kingdom where he ruled, until he was killed by a dragon, as king. Beowulf is a great man with every quality that any person could ever want. Hrothgar, king of the Danes said this about Beowulf, The Lord in His wisdom sent you those words and they came from the heart. I have never heard so young a man make truer observations. You are strong in body, mature in mind, impressive in speech. That is what everyone wants to be like, strong, smart, and a natural leader. I thought that there was a little symbolic significance, because in his name Beowulf you get the word wolf. In all other stories the wolf portrays strength cunning and leadership. Look at The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. In that story the wolf is next in command only to the Witch. He is her tracker and head of the army. Right there that shows that he is a wise person to be able to track other people and he is a leader because he heads up the army. That’s what I thought the wolf in his name portrayed.

. I didn’t really think that the opening paragraph of the story really helped it much, because all that it talked about was how great this warrior Shield Sheafson of the Danes was. This man Shield has no bearing on what happens in the rest of the story he is only mentioned throughout the rest of it. That entire beginning really threw me off because in my opinion it didn’t need to be there. On the other hand the ending was a very appropriate one because it really closed out the book and the story of Beowulf’s life well. Beowulf dies a heroic death fighting a monstrous dragon and then to show how great he really was they make a memorial for him on a cliff overlooking the water so that any ships coming in would see from far away. And would know who it was for. That reminds me a little of the Statue of Liberty because in the older days men and women from other countries who were coming into the country saw it before anything else. It is very similar because this is what people saw first coming from outside countries.

4. It is hard to believe but throughout this story Beowulf does not really change as much as most characters do in books. The main reason that this was the case was because they don’t really describe him in detail much. They mostly just talk about things that have happened in his lifetime and feats that he has accomplished throughout that time. The only way that he really changes is that he gets older and a little bit weaker. His maturity never changes because from the beginning of the story until the end he is very mature and is also very strong. You never see a distinct change in him throughout the entire time he is alive in the book. It’s very interesting how the author wrote it.

5. I think that the universal message in the book was said best by the Danish king Hrothgar he said, Do not give way to pride. For a brief while your strength is in bloom but it fades quickly; and soon there will follow illness or the sword to lay you low. This quote would have been a very good one for Beowulf to listen to because this is what pretty much happens to him. He gets older and here comes this dragon. He goes out to fight it but he isn’t the same person that he was 50 years earlier when he fought Grendal and his mother he is much older and weaker now. But he still goes out to fight and even though he kills the dragon he loses his own life in the process. That is a very good message that the Danish king told Beowulf because it can refer to many different people and situations, not just extremely powerful warriors it can refer to every day life.

6. This book really reminded me of a story by Brian Jacques called Mossflower What made them so much alike was the fact that in Beowulf the Danes were petrified by the monster Grendal. Then along came a warrior who was brave enough to stand up to Grendal and defeat him. At the same time his strength made everyone else around him more confident and strong as well. It is almost parallel to this other story Mossflower, because in the story (keep in mind all the characters are animals) this wildcat queen rules Mossflower and she reeks havoc on its inhabitants. Until one day a mouse warrior came to the woodland creatures and challenged the queen and defeated her. The two line up very closely with each other.

7. I think that best quote from this book was said by the Dane king Hrothgar he said, Do not give way to pride. For a brief while your strength is in bloom but it fades quickly; and soon there will follow illness or the sword to lay you low. That is a great quote because he was speaking a warning to Beowulf. It was as if he could see into the future. At the end of the book the dragon comes to burn his country to the ground, he goes out to fight without realizing that he is fifty years older and does not have the same strength that he did when he fought Grendal. That’s why it was so important what Hrothgar said to him. Beowulf did what every body who could do something well at one point would do he. He said to himself I defeated Grendal before I can kill this dragon now. Unfortunately not it just doesn’t work like that and he learned it the hard way.

8. Yes I do believe that this was a good piece of literature. First of all because Beowulf was a character whom everybody who read the book could like. He was a very smart man who a lot of people had respect for and listened to in times of great peril. He was a very strong man and so he could perform many tasks himself. Secondly he did a great job of describing the scenery and the settings like when he found Grendal’s lair the author said this about the mere. Everybody gazed as the hot gore kept wallowing up and an urgent war horn repeated its notes the whole party sat down to watch. The water was infested with all kinds of reptiles. There were writhing sea dragons and monsters slouching on the cliffs. Down they plunged, lashing in anger at the loud bugle call. That gives a very vivid image of a lot of things happening at once on the surface of the water. If it were a color it would be a very angry red. Finally The author does a good job of keeping you interested in the book the entire way through. After one thing happens another thing is right around the corner. For example Beowulf kills Grendel and there is rejoicing

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