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What Price Israel?

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What price Israel?

I suggest two possible answers to this horrendous mess between the Israelis and the Palestinians. One is the two separate states solution, the other the two intermingled states solution.


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1. Draw a boundary for the Jerusalem Metropolitan Area (JMA).

. Adjust the 167 line between the West Bank and Israel by a few km to widen the very narrow Israeli central belt.

. The boundary for Israel will INCLUDE the JMA.

4. The boundary for Palestine will ALSO INCLUDE the JMA.

5. Israeli troops/police patrol the Palestinian side of the JMA.

6. Palestinian troops/police patrol the Israeli side of the JMA.

7. Jerusalem is the capital of both states.

8. No heavy military material can be located in the JMA.

. Israel controls exit from the JMA into Israel.

10. Palestine controls exit from the JMA into Palestine.

11. The Gaza Strip is part of Palestine.

1. All Israeli forces are withdrawn from both parts of Palestine.

1. Jewish/Israeli settlements located on the Palestinian side of the Gaza and West Bank boundaries are to be considered Palestinian cities. Jewish/Israeli residents thereof may stay if they wish, but they are no longer Israeli citizens, just as Palestinians in Israel are not Palestinian citizens, but Israel citizens.


14. After the dust settles, Egypt cedes land to Palestine, adjoining the Gaza Strip, of approximately the same size as the Gaza Strip, to double its size and provide expansion room for the population, which is crammed into it.

15. The U. S. puts up ten billion dollars to fund all of this.


1. The old League of Nations Mandate, British Palestine, plus the Golan Heights, constitutes the State of Israel. This includes the West Bank and Gaza.

. The same territory also comprises the State of Palestine.

. Israelis/Jews can move and live and settle anywhere in this area. They vote for members of the Knesset.

4. Palestinians/Arabs can move and live and settle anywhere in this area. They vote for members of the Palestinian Parliament.

5. The whole territory is divided into townships. Each township elects a Town Council, which presumably will reflect the composition of the township. Some will be Jewish, some Palestinian. A very few may be pretty equal. Townships run everything except national defense.

6. There is a joint Israeli-Palestinian Army, with equal numbers of units.

7. All WMD are destroyed.

8. The U. S. puts up ten billion dollars to help make this work.

I dont see any other solutions possible. The Israelis would like to have all the Palestinians simply go to other countries, so all of the old League Mandate would be Israel. The Palestinians would like to see 85% of the Israelis emigrate - anywhere, so long as theyre out of Palestine - and constitute the old League Mandate as a secular, heavily Muslim/Arab, state. Neither of these is likely to happen. Of my two solutions, I think the first is more likely than the second, because it recognizes that there are differences that cannot be overlooked, whereas the second assumes that people can live peacefully side by side, which seems impossible after such a contentious and murderous history, unless there is Divine Intervention and we have a miracle.

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