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personal goals

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Personal Goals 1

Personal Goals

The goals that I set for myself now will be the blueprint for my future. The reason

most people never reach their goals is that they dont define them, or ever seriously

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consider them as believable or achievable.

My personal goals while a student of the University of Phoenix is to get my

Associates degree before I am out of the Marine Corps. Right now my plan is to take

classes in between field ops. While I am in the field I plan to study for psychology and

early American history so I can CLEP out of them. I am out of the field so much that if I

didn’t CLEP out of some college classes it would take me a lot longer that two years to


My goal while I am in college is to maintain at least a .5 GPA. I can reach this

goal by putting every bit of effort I can into my class work. This will be a challenge

because I have to balance my work and family responsibilities with college classes. I will

be able to reach my goals as a college student because I have set goals for myself and am

motivated to complete these goals. I believe that hard work and honesty will give me the

tools to achieve any goal I want with a little bit of effort.

My goals while I am in the Marine Corps are to get out of the military as a non-

commissioned officer. I also want to get as much hands on training with communications

equipment is I can. Another goal while I am still in the Marine Corps is to save up

money so that I will be financially stable enough to continue my college education. If I

am not financially stable enough when I get out of the Marines I will have to work all the

Personal Goals

time and will have less time to focus on college. My Maine goal as a marine is to better

myself in any way that I can.

After I am out of the Marine Corps I am going to move back to Montana and

pursue my Bachelors of Science degree in information systems. I want to work on

computer networks when I am through with school. After my Batchlers of Science

degree I want to go to technical college and get hands on training and certifications. I

am going to join the Air Force reserve to help pay some bill while I am going to college.

My ultimate goal is to get a well paying job working on wireless networks. I

already have a lot of hands on training in this field. I am very interested in computers

and troubleshooting computer networks. I feel that once I reach this goal I will be in a

position to support my family very well. My goal is not to be rich but to be financially


I feel that taking college online in helping me greatly to reach my goals.

Competing this class will give me the confidence to take more classes online. The Skills

for Lifelong Learning class is giving me many skills that I will need to pursue my college

education. It has taught me many great learning skills that will help out in every college

class that I take in the future. One great skill I have learned is how to activate my inner

learner. Gross (1) wrote “As peak learners, each of us has a hidden ace-an expert

learner at our beck and call, whenever we need help.” By using this principle I have been

able to enter a flow state of learning. In this flow state concepts and ideas have been able

to come to me very easily.

Personal Goals

I think that it is important to set small clearly defined goals as a map to your

ultimate goals. Walker (00) wrote, “In your life, the cornerstone of every significant

achievement is a clearly defined goal. The clearer your goal, and the more organized

your action, the faster your progress to the life of your dreams” (p. 5). My plan is to use

each of my defined goals as a stepping stone to my ultimate goal. I will not stop until I

am happy and content with where I am in life.


Gross, R. (1). Peak learning A master course in learning how to learn. New

York Tarcher/Putnam.

Walker, M. (00). Clear Horizon Creating and Living the Life You Choose.

Portland High Point Road. Inc.

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