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The life of a madman

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The Fwank Chronicles � Next Instalment

Chapter 1 � The Escape

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Sitting in a dark, damp corner of his padded room Fwank waits for peace to find him. Wrapped up tightly in his constrictive cotton straight jacket Fwank loathes everything about this place. Then again fifty years of torture and torment would do that to anyone.

The tight sensation of the straightjacket cuts into Fwank’s back, the sound of footsteps bring Fwank’s bloodshot eyes’ attention onto the door. The viewing slide jaggedly slid across the rust peeling off and flaking to the ground as two eyes look into his cell.

“This is him sir,” a voice explains from the other side of the door.

The slide makes a scraping sound as it slides shut, the door to his cell slowly swings open as two men dressed in full army camouflage walk in with M16s in hand. They point their guns at Fwank and a man wearing a white coat walks in. He stands just in front of where Fwank is sitting. The man’s name tag reads “Doctor Petrou”. His face is wrinkled and his grey beard about five centimetres long, the light flooded off the top of his bald spot and reilluminated the room. Lifting his arm in the air Doctor Petrou waves his hand motioning for the guards to leave; Doctor Petrou opens his clipboard and starts to read from it.

“Hi…Fwank is it? I’m Doctor Petrou.”

Doctor Petrou kneels down in front of Fwank. He’s getting no reply so he reads from the clipboard,

“How are you today Fwank? I hope they are treating you all right here. You’re special you know, different to those others they bring in here.”

Turning his head to get away from the ugly sight of this hideous Doctor Petrou Fwank notices a small female creature sitting on his shoulder. She has a strange glow around her as if she is a magical creature. Little particles of dust float around her magnificent aura. She sits with grace and is completely still until Fwank speaks in amazement.

“Hello there little one what are you?”

The creature begins to move as if putting a spell on Doctor Petrou.

“Hello there good looking. My name is Emily but I am not really here, you just think I am. So while I am here I will help you. I am a fairy and you may find that having me as your friend will bring you a lot of luck.”

Emily’s presence gives Fwank the feel of pure ecstasy; her long red hair and luscious white skin make him at ease. The buzz of her tiny wings hum while Fwank stares at her curvaceous body, which is accented by her tight strapping.

Fwank looks into the fairy’s beautiful blue eyes, lost in her beauty he asks,

“Then does that mean you can get me out of this stupid straight jacket?”

The fairy nods and flies behind Fwank. Closing his eyes a blinding white flash causes Fwank to jump. When his vision comes back into focus a second later he is standing in front of Doctor Petrou. Looking at Doctor Petrou a smile spreads across Fwank’s face as he ponders what to do with this hideous creature.

Swinging his arm across, Fwank knocks the clipboard out of Doctor Petrou hands. The clipboard flies through the air hitting the wall, the clipboard rebounds and clangs as it hits the floor. One of the guards just outside of Fwank’s cell hears the noise but dismisses it. Alarmed by the series of events Doctor Petrou turns to run but is swung back around to face Fwank. Fwank grasps Doctor Petrou by the throat with both hands, he lifts Doctor Petrou in the air. Fwank’s grin grows larger and larger with each passing second, Doctor Petrous feet struggle to touch the floor but it is useless. Looking straight into Doctor Petrou eyes Fwank sees the life force draining out of him as his face slowly turns blue, Doctor Petrou’s arms begin to flail wildly trying to grab onto something. His hands come to rest on Fwank’s face. Clawing and scratching at Fwank’s face Doctor Petrou’s air runs out, his arms drop down and stop moving.

Taking this opportunity Fwank pulls Doctor Petrou towards him head first. The force of the impact between both their heads send stars around their heads. Staggering backwards Fwank releases Doctor Petrou, who drops to the ground like a sack of potatoes. As Doctor Petrou begins crawling away Fwank wipes the blood from his face. Crawling towards the door Doctor Petrou is grabbed by Fwank. Sliding him along the floor Fwank swings him into the wall. As Doctor Petrou hits the wall his nose shatters instantly spraying blood over the recently cleaned tiles. His head connects with the wall then sliding down leaves a short streak of blood from the point of impact to the floor. Doctor Petrou’s body lies lifelessly on the floor as the noise alerts the guard standing just outside waking him from his nap. Lifting Doctor Petrou’s body up by the foot Fwank begins studying the corpse as the woken guard staggers in.

“What’s going on in here?”

Fwank swung Doctor Petrou’s body and released it as the guard barged in shouting. Doctor Petrou’s body flew through the air for a brief second then toppled to the ground. The body slides towards the guard, in utter surprise the guard flinches and his finger twitches on the trigger. The gun fires as he falls forward, bullets rain out towards Fwank shattering the floor just in front of him. Landing on his face, the guard’s helmet slides off and comes to a rest at Fwank’s feet. Fwank brushes the guard’s helmet aside and steps forward. As the guard slowly tries to get back up he slips falling back onto his stomach. The guard glances at Fwank, who brings his right leg backwards in a kicking motion. As the guard stares at it Fwank swings his foot with immense speed. His foot moves swiftly and silently through the air in a blur of motion. The guard’s head, hit by the powerful blow wrenches backwards snapping several vertebrae in a bone shattering sound. His head then drops froward and rests on the floor.

Out of the corner of Fwank’s eyes he sees Doctor Petrou starting to stand up. Approaching Doctor Petrou Fwank picks up the dead guard’s helmet and swings it around his head twice then smashes Doctor Petrou across the cheek with it. The echoing smash knocks Doctor Petrou to his knees. Kneeling in front of Fwank Doctor Petrou turns his head, spitting out a few teeth blood dribbles out the side of his mouth, as Doctor Petrou wipes his mouth with his sleeve Fwank walks over to him. Doctor Petrou begging for his life grabs onto the leg of Fwank’s pants begging to be spared but Fwank is in a bloodthirsty frenzy and brushes Doctor Petrou’s hand aside. Picking him up by the throat in one hand. Fwank brings back his right hand and as a surge of pain shoots through his hand Fwank drives it into Doctor Petrou’s stomach opening a hole through his stomach muscles. A flash of bright lights rip into Fwank’s brain through his vision and suddenly his is standing in the corridor Fwank looks down at his blood soaked hands.

“Hey you! Stop!” a voice echoes from down the corridor.

Fwank turns to see the flash from the guard’s gun light up the entire corridor as the bullet explodes out the muzzle of the pistol. Suddenly Fwanks vision blurs and blacks out. Slowly opening his eyes Fwank finds himself looking up at the ceiling. Just above him the light is flickering on and off. Getting back to his feet Fwank slowly walks backwards into his cell. The air is damp and the smell of death fills his cell. Etching back Fwank’s foot slides across the floor. Loosing his balance Fwank slips and falls to the ground landing hard. Fwank takes his right hand and places it next to him to help get up; the floor is wet, drenched with blood. Startled Fwank looks around, his entire cell is coated in blood, his bed is soaked blood red and there is something under the blankets. Carefully getting back to his feet Fwank slips but keeps his balance on the wet floor. He leans over the bed placing one hand on the top of the blanket to remove it. As Fwanks fingers touch the blanket a Fairy appears sitting on the blanket looking directly at Fwank.

“I don’t think you want to do that man!” the fairy says in a serious tone

His beady black eyes and slim face haunt Fwank, shimmering in a light emitted by the fairy’s essence its black body suit shines while his short black hair flicks when he speaks.

Fwank jumped back a step about to scream but at the same time intrigued by the strange little creature. It looked like Emily but it was a male not a female.

“You’re not Emily are you?” Fwank asked the fairy,

“Ha, do I look like a little bitch?” the fairy snapped back at Fwank.

The fairy flew into the air and hovered just in front of Fwank’s face. He rubbed his chin and pondered,

“So you’re the legendary Fwank hey? If you ask me you don’t look any different to the others.”

The fairy snapped his fingers emitting at the same time a bright light, Fwank jumped back rubbing his eyes. Looking back to where the fairy was but there was nothing and lying on the bed where the blanket was there was a torso of a body, in a pool of blood the torso had signs of where the limbs were severed off by something, and a gaping hole in the stomach area. The sight of this body made Fwank sick to the stomach, the smell overwhelming and sickening. Fwank staggered back in horror then the light blinded him again.

Standing in the corridor again the sound of a bullet tearing through the air woke Fwank from his daydream. Diving to the ground Fwank scurried into his cell the sound of bullets hitting the ground behind his every move. Getting to his feet Fwank presses himself against the wall just next to the door waiting anxiously for the guard to stick his head around the corner. The guard slowly approaches with his gun in front of him, the tip of his gun showed itself around the corner followed by his hand. Ducking underneath the guards gun Fwank swings his right fist into the guard’s stomach. Doubling over in pain the guard loses grip on his gun dropping it as Fwank comes through with another lightning quick move. As the guard leans forward from the fist blow Fwank brings his right arm up in the air supported by his left arm. He drives his elbow straight into the back of the guard’s neck, the guard drops straight to the ground, reaching for his pistol the guard struggles along the floor. Fwank takes the guard’s head in both hands and lifting it slightly off the ground, the guards out stretched arm is close to the gun. Fwank drives the guard’s head face first into the ground, the sound of the cartridge in his nose shattering makes a nice cracking sound followed by the spray of blood on the floor becomes a wonderful show for Fwank’s amusement. The guard’s eyes slightly roll back into his head as Fwank lifts his head and drives it into the ground a second time spraying more blood across the floor. Overwhelmed by the pleasure of this Fwank drives the guard’s head into the ground again smashing the front of his skull in and leaving the guard’s face a mangled mess.

Standing up and looking at the guard’s lifeless body lying on the ground made Fwank feel good. Now there was an eerie silence throughout the corridor that made Fwank feel uneasy. Now that he was out of his cell what was next on the agenda? Fwank turns over the guard’s body, examining his clothes Fwank notices that there is no blood on them so he swaps clothes. Standing over the guard’s naked body Fwank’s wearing his uniform. This should make it easier to escape. Dropping to his knees Fwank is racked with pain, his vision pure white. When he opens his eyes again he looked down the corridor. There is no body, not even a sign of blood, the corridor has a row of doors on one side with another corridor going between the two sets of two doors, while on the other side there are titanium meshed windows.

Peering around the corner Fwank notices that the cells on this floor are grouped into blocks of four. Each block having four cells in it and having a corridor going between them all like a cross. In the middle of the crossing there are two guards talking, they both hold shotguns and the light shines off of their guns and lights up sections on the ceiling. The two guards turn away from each other and begin walking down the corridor in different directions. Fwank hugs the wall and creeps up to the intersection. Sliding around the corner Fwank proceeds to his left where one of the guards is walking. Slowly matching every step that the guard takes Fwank comes up right behind the guard. Attached to the guard’s hip on one side is a Glock pistol and on the other side there is a seven-inch bladed knife. The pistol is clipped in but the knife’s clip is undone. The guard must have been showing it off. The metallic black shine on the handle of the knife lures Fwank in. As he reaches out to take it, the guard suddenly turns around. Seeing Fwank standing there the guard reaches for his gun but Fwank already has his hand on the knife handle. Removing the knife from the holster Fwank brings the knife down in a stabbing motion straight into the top of the guard’s chest. The knife tears through the flesh piercing the guard’s lung. As Fwank pulls out the knife the guard lets out a sigh and he struggles with Fwank for the knife. Fwank lifts up the knife with the guard’s hands holding it. He knees the guard in the stomach. The guard releases the knife and places both hands on his stomach. The force of Fwank’s knee knocks all the remaining air out of the guard’s lungs. Gasping, the guard struggles for air and Fwank drives the knife directly into the back of the guard’s head. The knife shatters the back of the guard’s skull piercing his brain. The knife enters his brain and the guard’s body spasms as it drops to the ground blood gushing from the back of his head. The guard twitches for a brief while. Removing the blood soaked knife from the guard’s brain Fwank turns to see the other one turning. Looking at the second guard Fwank raises the knife and throws it. As Fwank releases the knife Emily appears, hovering in the air in front of Fwank, the knife slowly flies through the air as if in slow motion, then stops with the blade an inch from the guard’s forehead. Emily hovers her magnificent presence having an eerie effect on Fwank. She lowers her head and shakes it in disbelief. Walking over to where the knife is stopped in the air, just in front of the second guard, Fwank takes hold of the handle. As he grips the handle of the knife Emily disappears. Releasing her grip on time the knife speeds up as Fwank, spinning on the spot, stabs it into the side of the guard’s head. The guard drops lifelessly to the ground, the knife still embedded in his head. He lies on the floor motionless, a small puddle of blood forms around his head.

At the stairs there is a guard posted. Walking up to him calmly Fwank announces.

“You are relieved Sergeant.”

The marine looks at his watch then up at Fwank.

“My shift doesn’t end for half hour.”

Fwank looks down at him like a superior officer.

“I am relieving you of your duties right now.”

The marine looks at Fwank who grabs the guard’s shotgun with his left hand, making the guard jump at Fwank’s sudden movements. Fwank’s right hand shoots forward grabbing him by the throat. Fwank squeezes. Bulging out of his head the guard’s eyes look as though they are going to explode as Fwank squeezes tighter and tighter. Wrenching the guard towards his knee by the throat Fwank knees him directly in the stomach and the guard lets out a muffled screech as Fwank’s knee digs itself into his stomach. Dropping him and swinging his head in Fwank headbuts the guard directly in the nose knocking him backwards. The guard’s face erupting with blood recoils backwards as he loses his balance and begins to slip down the stairs. Fwank takes him by the chest, picking him up and holding him above his head. Fwank hurls him down the stairs and the guard’s body, kicking and screaming, flies through the air hitting the steps as he lands about halfway down the first section of the stairs. The guard’s body twists and bends from each bounce as he rolls down the stairs, the echoing of his screams and cries for help are not heard by the guards downstairs. The guards shotgun lay on the ground at Fwank’s feet. Picking up the shotgun Fwank walks down the stairs towards the twisted remains of what once was a guard. As Fwank approaches the body the sound of his footsteps alert the guard at the bottom of the stairs around the corner. Fwank reaches the body and looks down at it as the other guard dives across the stairs. Screaming, the guard unleashes a rain of bullets at Fwank. The bullets ripple through the air; diving down the stairs Fwank pumps his shotgun and fires. The spray of pellets hits the guard as he ducks around the corner; an explosion of smoke fills the air as one of the guard’s smoke grenades explodes from the impact. The guard drops to the ground reloading his rifle. Crawling down the stairs Fwank can’t see a foot in front of him. Releasing the shotgun as he reaches the bottom of the stairs Fwank crawls up next to the guard. Laying on the floor the guard isn’t moving and placing his fingers on the guard’s neck Fwank checks for a pulse, but nothing. Ten metres down the corridor there is a patrol of guards walking towards Fwank. Wading through the smoke the guards scan for their friend. Moving slowly along the floor Fwank is suddenly hit with a blinding pain in his head. Clutching his head Fwank’s vision blurs to white then back to normal. Looking around as his vision comes back Fwank notices that the smoke has dissipated and jumping to his feet Fwank charges at the three guards as they turn their backs on him.

Taking the middle guard’s gun hand Fwank spins it around breaking his elbow and placing the barrel of his gun against his own head. Pulling the trigger on the guard’s gun the bullet explodes from the barrel smashing a hole through the back of the guards head, spraying blood over the floor in front of him. The guard falls to his knees landing on his face. The other two guards respond quickly to this lifting their guns up towards Fwank. Stepping forward Fwank lifts his arms up curling them around the guards firing arms. Twisting them around Fwank snaps them up in the air, the sound of breaking bones echoes around the corridor as the guards scream dropping their guns. Spinning around Fwank brings up his leg with a spinning kick to the side of the guard’s head. Jarring his neck to the left the guard drops to the ground, his head slamming into the ground shattering his skull, blood spraying across the floor mixed with oozing brain. Looking to the left, the other guard is cringing. The look of fear on his face excites Fwank. As he steps forward the guard takes a step back. Lunging forward into his hands Fwank grabs the guard around the throat and lifts him up. Placing his head under his armpit Fwank wrenches the guard’s head up snapping several vertebrae. The guard’s body twitches for a second, his legs giving way he finally drops to the ground.

Looking at the bodies Fwank’s vision flashes white once again in the smoky room. From around the corner two guards run towards him,


Lowering himself to the ground Fwank runs at the two men. Bringing his shoulder down Fwank steadies himself for a tackle. Collecting one of the two guards right in the sternum Fwank lifts his shoulder up into the guard’s chest, lifting the guard off the ground and sending him a metre through the air back the way he came. Fwank turns to the other guard. As the flying body hits the ground rolling Fwank dives towards the other guard who aims his rifle, as Fwank flies through the air. The guard fires, flashing from the end of the rifle sends a spread of bullets from the end of the barrel. The bullets move through the air as if in slow motion as does Fwank, several bullets whiz past Fwank’s head, one scraping along his right cheek and another hitting him square in the left thigh. The impact of the bullet sends Fwank toppling to the ground. Blood squirts from his leg and he clutches the wound. With blood squirting through his fingers, Fwank blacks out.

The Fwank Chronicles � Next Instalment

Chapter � An Old Friend

In the dark night air a dark figure leaps across the tops of the lit up buildings, neon lights fill the night sky with unnatural light. Leaping from building to building the creature moves with demonic speed and grace making no sound as it lands on each rooftop. The figure comes to a halt at the end of one building, looking down on an alley way the figure scans for prey. A young woman catches the eyes of this creature of the night, standing in the dim light; her long blond hair slightly shimmered in the light. Dropping down with silence the creature approaches the woman, slowly being lit the creature’s black leather outfit shines in the light. Walking towards the young woman the creature speaks, her feminine voice piercing the night air, gazing at the young woman,

“Hello there young one. What are you doing out during the night?”

The woman looks up at her, looking her up and down she replies.

“Are you looking for some company gorgeous?”

“In a matter of speaking.”

The creature lunges at the woman letting out a high pitch scream. As the creature engages with the woman, her hand lifting her up by the throat she pushes her head across with her other hand. The woman squeals and struggles as the creature sinks her razor-sharp teeth into the luscious flesh of her neck. The woman slowly stops struggling as the creature’s teeth embed themselves into her vein, blood gushes from the two holes into the creature’s mouth. The creature’s eyes roll back into her head as the smooth sensation of blood trickling across her tongue fills her with the joy of a thousand satisfactions. Letting out a moan the woman stops moving, her face slowly drains of all colour with her mouth open in pleasure. The creature places the woman on the floor and leaps up to the rooftops in a powerful, singular vault.

Continuing across the rooftops the creature darts through the night air towards a compound in the distance, setting her sights on the top floor she steadily increases her speed, moving faster that the human eye can see. Approaching the compound from the rooftops, the titanium-reinforced windows where the easiest point of entry. On the edge of the last building the creature catapults herself through the air, her slick black coat flapping in the air she brings her feet in front to kick through the window. The lights from the compound shimmer off her clothes. As she hits the window with tremendous force, the window buckles but doesn’t brake, shards of glass fall to the ground. Quickly grasping onto the windowsill the creature swings herself up and kicks the window again with full force. The titanium mesh that reinforces the window buckles and breaks with the force of her kick. She swings in through the window and hits the floor slipping and sliding off a pool of blood. Loosing her grip the creature slides and trips on a body. Falling over the creature lands on her hands and throws herself back to her feet. Looking around the area the creature thinks out loud.

“Ah…Fwank… I’m coming for you.”

The creature flicks her black coat to the side revealing her leg. Attached to each of her boots are two knifes, each knife has a black metallic handle with black metal strips running around them. The creature reaches out her right hand. Stretching out all her fingers on that hand as far as they can her hand glows blue for a second. The metal strips on the knife in her right boot glow blue as the knife lifts out of the holster and shoots up to her hand. Closing her hand the glow stops and the creature cautiously walks down the corridor. On her left the creature walks round the corner and comes to an intersection. She looks to the right and sees another body. Slowly walking to the end of the corridor the creature notices another body to her left. The creature stretches out her figures on her left hand and her other knife shoots up to it. Running up to the next body the creature comes to the stairway. She looks down the stairs and a trail of blood catches the creature’s eyes. Carefully the creature walks down the stairs silently. A loud series of gunshots brings the creature’s attention on a guard standing to the right of her. Lunging at him the creature drives both knives into each shoulder blade of the guard. The guard squeals in pain, dropping his gun. The creature removes her knives. Spinning around the she slices across the back of the guard. The knives’ razor sharp edges gash through the soft flesh on the guard’s back, leaving gaping cuts. Blood floods out of the guard’s back as he falls to the ground.

Fwank’s eyes slowly open, revealing a dark figure standing over a body. The figure places its two knives in their boot holsters. Stepping over the body the figure is hit by the warm light flooding through the window. The figure’s tight black outfit is the first thing to catch Fwank’s eyes. Admiring her curvaceous body Fwank speaks.

“What are you?” Fwank asks in a slightly trembling voice,

“I am your friend,” the creature replies in a cold, but sharp voice.

Helping Fwank to his feat the creature removes one of her knives from its holster and hands it to Fwank. Putting pressure on his wounded leg Fwank falls to the ground in agony. Faith places her hand into her pocket and removes a rolled up strap. The creature leans down and wraps the strap around Fwank’s wound.

“Your leg will be fine in a few minutes. I am Faith,” the creature explains as she removes one of her knives and places it in Fwank’s hand. A red light begins to flash above where Fwank is sitting. Faith rears her head.

“They’re coming!” Faith remarks

Hugging the wall Faith approaches the stairway; stepping over the corpses Faith spreads her fingers. Her left boot knife floats up to her hand. She grabs it and readies for an attack. The first man steps out and in an instant Faith is all over him, bringing the knife straight into the man’s stomach. Faith places her hand on the mans shoulder pulling him towards her. Ducking back behind the wall Faith watches as the man clutches his stomach. The knife wound is fatal and blood gushes out as he slowly drops to the ground. Watching in astonishment Fwank’s eyes were too slow to catch Faith’s demonic speed. As the man hits the ground onto his knees the second man comes running around the corner. Spinning behind him as he ducks around the corner Faith places one hand on the man’s shoulder and reaches around with the knife. The poor guard is far too slow to even comprehend Faith’s movements. Faith brings the knife up to the guard’s throat. Before Fwank can even blink the guard is falling to the ground, both hands around his neck. Blood flows freely from the open gash. Faith ducks back to the corner, where the first man was still on his knees. Pouncing onto the man Faith drives her knife into his shoulder as they roll on the floor. Leaving the knife in the guard’s shoulder Faith dismounts him. Flicking her coat back Faith removes two enormous pistols from their holsters in a quick smooth motion, the pistols are as big as desert eagles, both with a skull over the barrel. Aiming the pistols at the two incoming guards Faith opens fire. Two bolts of superheated energy erupt from the smoky barrel and scream through the air towards two more guards running towards her. The first bolt hits the roof above them sending sparks flying from the metal on the roof. The second bolt skims past the front guard and hits the wall next to the second one. The sparks flying off the wall cause the second guard to duck as he runs towards Faith.

Flashes erupt from the “skulls” as bolt after bolt of pure energy sparks from the pistols and sizzles through the air towards the guards. Several bolts hit the first guard as he runs towards Faith, the first hits him in the arm knocking his arm backwards the bolt burns through his lower arm. The second bolt hits him in the middle of the chest slightly knocking him backwards as it scorches straight through him. Quickly following the second shot, the third hits the guard directly in the head, the superheated round bubbles through his skull frying his brain as it enters and exits through the back of his head. Dropping to the ground the guard falls flat on his face as smoke emanates from his wounds. The second guard begins to remove his rifle. As it reaches its ready position his finger itches on the trigger but the barrage of bolts hit him. The first bolt hits him in the chest, knocking him off balance as the second and third bolts hit simultaneously one either side of the first. The force of the bolts knick him flying backwards, his rifle drops straight to the ground. The guard hits the ground a metre from where he was standing. Looking at the guard lying lifelessly on the ground Faith smiles and lifts her pistols to her mouth blowing the smoke away from the barrels. Placing her guns in their holsters Faith bends over to remove her knife from the still cowering guard. Looking over at her tight ass a smile grows across Fwank’s face. Spinning around Faith hurls the knife with precise accuracy at Fwank’s groin. The knife cuts through the air embedding itself in the floor millimetres from Fwank’s balls. Parting his legs Fwank jumps suddenly. Slowly breathing Fwank tries not to let the knife cut him. Faith comments as she walks over towards Fwank,

“If I were you I would worry about living long enough to see your dog.”

As Faith reaches Fwank she leans over to pick up the knife. Faith’s low cut top reaches Fwank’s eye level and an enormous grin etches across his face. Smiling Faith kneels down and unwraps Fwank’s leg.

“Ready to get the hell outta her mate?” she remarks.

Fwank nods and they both jump to their feet. Walking down the corridor and down the stairs they come to the ground floor. Pointing at the door on their right Faith remarks,

“This way out”

Fwank’s eyes scan the room they are now in, resting on a door to their left just down a small section of stairs. Fwank’s eyes light up.

“Yeah but I wanna know what’s down that there!”

Fwank walks down the stairs and an eerie smell wafts from the vents on the walls, the sound of dripping water echoes through the thin passage. Fwank reaches the bottom of the stairs and on the handle of the door he notices a streak of blood, as if someone had tried to open the door with blood soaked hands. Readying the knife that Faith gave him Fwank pushes open the door. Within seconds of Fwank’s fingers touching the door a blinding flash causes him to drop the knife. Clutching his head Fwank raises his foot and kicks the door, the door swings open and flies of its hinges. Inside the room Fwank sees three tables, blood lines the walls, the smell is overwhelming. Dropping to his knees Fwank gags from the sheer smell of the room. He places his hand over his mouth and stands up. Blood drips off the roof into several puddles on the floor. On one of the tables Fwank notices what looks like the remains of a person, dissected and strung up. The stretched flesh is red with blood, the table as if made of flesh triggers a strange feeling in Fwank’s head. Walking over to this ‘flesh’ table Fwank notices a blood soaked foot coming out from underneath it, the foot quivers with each step Fwank takes. Fwank takes a step closer and reaches down. Grabbing the foot he yanks it out from under the table. Lifting the young man up in the air by his foot Fwank screams at him.

“Who the hell are you and what happened in here!?”

Looking at him Fwank can’t help but to wonder if they have met before. The man quivers and replies.

“I’m C..C..Chundies”

Fwank’s eyes light up; placing Chundies on the floor he lowers his voice,

“Chundies old pal, it’s me Fwank! What happened here?”

“You see that thing on the table? That’s what’s left of the scientist that was experimenting on us,” he replies calmly.

Fwank looks horrified at Chundies and comments,

“Well we better get out of here.”

Fwank and Chundies both walk out of the room and up the stairs. At the top of the stairs they come to where Faith is waiting. Looking around the room for Faith Fwank notices a pool of blood and a trail leading out the door. A single bloody handprint on the middle of the door leads Fwank over to investigate. Fwank pushes open the door, on the other side the trail of blood continues around the corner like a smear across the floor, following the trail around the corner the walls coated in blood, intestines and other organs pinned to the wall with a knife, the skins of two guards lie in the middle of the floor and the trail continues down the corridor. Following the trail Fwank and Chundies slowly walk, the lights above them flickering on and off. One of the guard’s shotguns lays on the floor, blood smeared on it. Chundies picks it up and smiles at Fwank,

“It’s loaded!”

“Good,” replies Fwank.

The trail leads around another corner and stops just outside the door. Out the corner of his left eye Fwank notices one of Faith’s knifes embedded into the wall. Removing it Fwank kicks the door open. Outside the door the chill of night air and emptiness of the loading area calms Fwank but Chundies goes into a frenzy of panic.

Looking to his left Fwank catches a glimpse of an enormous creature standing seven foot tall, the creature’s body filled with scorch marks and bullet holes. A deep gash oozed blood from its chest. Holding Faith’s head in one hand and her body in the other blood gushes from her neck. Screaming as he charges Fwank’s eyes light up in a blood red rage. His vision flashes as he dives into the creature. Stabbing furiously Fwank blinks and the creature is gone. Stopping for a second Fwank looks around. Faiths body is gone and so has Chundies. Suddenly his vision flashes red as he gets hit across the face by something. Flying off his feet backwards Fwank hits into the wall. Sliding down the wall blood trickles from Fwank’s busted lip. His eyes shoot open and the creatures’ enormous hand reaches for him. Lifting the knife in his hand up Fwank ducks under the creatures’ hands and drives the knife into its ribs. The creature rears back with an ear-piercing roar then drives its fist through Fwank’s stomach. The solid fist tears through Fwank’s soft flesh and knocks him back against the wall. A flash followed by the roar of a gun echoes through the night air, the creature drops to the ground as his head explodes over Fwank. The blood sprays on the wall and the creature’s hand drops. Dropping to the ground Fwank tries to hold his stomach and intestines in his body. Shivering in the distance Chundies etches his way towards Fwank. Slowly another creature appears behind him. Almost seven foot tall this creature holds a huge hammer in one hand along with eight inch nails driven through every part of his body. It steps towards Chundies. Fwank tries to warn him but all that comes out is blood, dripping down his chin and onto the floor. Fwank raises his hands to wave Chundies away but as he does his guts drop onto the floor. Fwank falls face first onto his own internal organs. Resting in a pool of blood Fwank gags. Chundies speeds up his pace to check on Fwank, un aware of the creature behind him Chundies drops the shotgun. The creature takes one final step, his heavy boots touch the shotgun alarming Chundies. Chundies turns his head to see what the noise is and is collected by the front of the creatures’ enormous hammer. SMACK!!

The hammer smashes through Chundie’s face collapsing the front of his skull and knocking him off his feet. Blood sprays from his face as Chundies struggles to get back to his feet. Looking over at the creature Chundies cowers in fear as the creature removes one of the nails from its head. Turning to run Chundies notices that the other creature is gone. He turns back to look at the creature with the hammer but that creature is gone too. Dropping to the ground again Chundies holds his face, blood oozes from his forehead and he begins feeling dizzy. Looking up again Chundies sees the first creature but doesn’t have enough time to react to it lunging at him. The creature grabs Chundies by the throat. Lifting him in the air the creature rams Chundies into the wall. Chundies back cracks as he hits the wall, and the creature places his other hand on Chundies legs and lifts him high in the air. Twisting in different directions with each hand the creature tears Chundies in half. Finally letting out a final scream in agony Chundies dies. Blood gushes from both sections of Chundie’s body as the creature is bathed in blood. Tossing the two pieces aside the creature walls off into the darkness.

The cold night air sweeps across the complex. The eerie silence fills the air with questions.

What have they done?

What did those scientists create?

What are they going to do next!?

Fwank might finaly get the rest he deserves… or will he?

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