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Lancing Story

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Lancing Story


Lucy Collins, and her 4 month old baby, Jessica (refered to as Jess for short)gh, move into a home with a couple in their late 50s, Henry and Margret Peters. They live beside the sea in Lancing. Their son, Anton has moved away to Basingstoke to persue a career in chartered accountancy. The girl has gotten a job and needs to be living with others that can watch over her baby. She is working in insurance. We soon see that the couple, especially Margret are missing their son and so are looking to someone to parent. Lucy feels welcome with them and finds it a secure place to settle.

During conversation with Henry, Lucy learns that her room had been rented out to another young lady called Sophie Woods. Henry complains that the girls dog used to mess up the house and that compared to her baby was far worse. He tells her little information about Sophie except that she loved her dog but then one day it ran away. She didnt get over it and begin to cling to the dogs blankets. She works in a fraud investigation company. Henry mentions to her that some of Sophies things are in the corner in a box. Lucy takes a look and Henry offers to let her have some of the things if she likes. Lucy declines, and notices a photograph album and goes to have a look. Henry quickly takes it away.

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She recieves a dirty look from a conservative person as she gets on a bus with her baby. When she returns home she walks in on Margret crying over a photo album. She quickly puts it away and covers it up. That evening Lucy notices Henry thowing out mail that was meant for Sophie (sees Sophies name for the first time).

She begins speaking to her neighbour in the mornings on the way to work. He says the elderly couple are really nice, when asked about Sophie but says he often saw her wandering about the seafront clinging to the dogs old blankets after it had died.

At work Lucy is begining to get closer her Scottish superviser, David. They flirt and she tells him a little of herself.

That night Lucy wakes up to the vague distant sound of a dog scratching and padding over carpet. She turns on the light and the sound fades. She checks on Jessica, shes fine.

At work she continues to flirt with David and he invites her to dinner. She asks Margret and Henry to look after her baby for the evening and they agree. David picks her up and they go to his house. She has dinner with him and they begin to bond. Hint hint wink wink nudge nudge saynomore saynomore.

Upon returning home she finds Henry and Margret acting strange. Henry is sitting in the kitchen alone and Lucy find Margret quickly exiting Lucys room. Margret says that she was seeing to Jessica whod been crying. When Lucy goes into the room Jessica is asleep.

She wakes up in the night as before, a very slight sound of a dog again but much more subtler. She goes to check on Jessica but she is gone! Lucy races downstairs in a panic but then finds she can hear Jessica crying in the distance. She races outside (putting on a coat) following the sound of the crying. She ends up on a pile of large rocks on a beach with large dark gaps between them. The baby can still be heard crying down between crevises. As she climbs down towards the darkness where she thinks her baby is a dog snaps at her from the darkness.

The next we see of Lucy she is relaxing with Henry and Margret whilst feeding Jessica, we are led to believe that the previous events were mearly a dream. She goes to work where she is greeted by David and told that she may be getting a promotion. She is overjoyed. When she arrives home she finds mail for Sophie waiting outside her door. She takes it down to Margret and asks her why Henry left it there. Margret gives her a strange look and apologises.

Back at work she finds out she is being promoted to insurance investigation department. It appears as if David had something to do with the promotion but it is never elaborated. She agrees to go out with David again the following day.

That night she wakes up as before to the sound of a dog barking. Its coming from outside. She relaxes, but then sees that her baby is missing. At that moment she begins to hear the child crying and screaming from outside. She grabs her coat and runs outside. She can see in the distance a dog snapping at the baby. She grabs a spade and hits the dog, who yelps and dies. She notices that her neighbours gates open. She takes her baby inside, but guilt at killing her neighbours dog gets to her so she goes out and buries it.

The next day she arrives at Davids in a state of distress. She has Jessica with her as she didnt trust Margret and Henry to look after her. She explains a few of the things that have been happening (taking care to not appear crazy) she explains about the photo album that they seem so protective of. He tells her to try and look inside it and to call him.

She goes home and looks in the photo album, there we see pictures of Anton. She goes to speak to the neighbour and asks about Anton. He says he moved away a while back and that there was nothing odd about it. His dog walks in, she pets and asks about his other dog. He says he doesnt have one.

She goes back home at finds more mail at her door for Sophie. She examines it and finds that she now has the same job. She angrily phones David and asks him why he got her that job, and accuses him of fucking with her mind. She slams the phone down and races upstairs. At this point we should be noticing that about her person are articles that could be seen in the box at the begining. She enters her room to comfort her crying baby, she picks in up, but as shes holding it realises that shes not holding her baby at all, but a clump of dirty blankets. The sound of crying fades. She races downstairs and begins screaming at Margret, demanding to know where her baby is. As she demands to know where her baby is, we flashback briefly to shots of her hitting the dog with the spade and burying it. Margret seems confused and asks Lucy to sit down. Lucy is agitated and reluctuant to calm down. Margret suddenly flips out and begins shouting at Lucy, saying shes had enough of Lucys shit. She says that she was willing to let someone like her into her house but shes not there to deal with her problems. She says shes not happy with having to look after Lucys dog and now shes lost it its not her responsibility. She says shes sorry the dogs but clinging to the blankets for days isnt gonna bring it back. Grow up Sophie!

At being called Sophie and talk of her dog going missing Lucy races out towards the grave of the dog, but the tide has gone over it. She begins to wade into the water crying for Jessica. Henry and Margret watch from their garden.

We have a few quiet shots around the house of where things have happened, and objects of Sophies. The camera passes a letter from a vet about her dog Jessie Finally the camera rests of a photograph which has allways been on Lucys desk of her with her dog. We hear distantly the sound of a baby crying. The End.

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