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i must find another man

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the 10s were a time of many changes in the economic and social aspects of life in the united states. following world war i, the united states sturggled to return to what president harding called normalcy.. however the impact of the war, the new age of consumerism, the automobile and the growth of the suburtbs contributed to the creation of a different and new national lifestyle..

while transportation and ocmmunications technology served to unitedt he nation a clash of values between the nuew urban-centered life and the legacy of the traditional rural life caused uneasiness and conflict.. in addition, all americans did not share in the good times. beneath the surface was an economy with structural flaws that brougth the raoring wenties to an abrupt end with the stock market crash in october 1

as many men went off to fight in Europe, the roels and responsibilities of women were affected in limited ways. Some women went to work in male dominated fields, such as weapons fact factoresi/ m,amuy women in male dominated fields such as weapons factories. Many women served overseas with the red cross and the salvation army. Most however worked in traditionally female jobs, for which there was an increased demand. Only about five percent of the owmen entering the wartime workforce were new to work outside the home. At war’s end with the return of male workers, women were excpected to quit their jobs. Between 110 and 10, only 500,000 more women were added to the oworkforce.

The awr had harsh consequences for immigrant families. Further immigration to the united states was halted. Many immigrant families already in the country faced fierce social and job discrimination in an antiforeign climate whipped up by the war.

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