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the function of education

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The speaker asserts that the educator should not place so much emphasis on finding out what the students want to include in the curriculum and then arrange them with these course and believes that it is the educators duty to decide which courses the student should take without consideration of the students circumstance. Maybe it goes some way ,but after having a deep thought, i really can not agree with the speaker for the following reasons.

First of all, I think that education is a thing related to the society and student themselves. As for the society, it expects its civilian can be civil and well qualified and informed to keep itself thriving and stable. And education is a key method to improve peoples qualities. Every member in a society should learn the basic society displines and some other base things to keep oneself

to be a good qualified civilian. Therefore ,some core courses which serve these purpose can be determined by the educators to have the base knowledge of society . As far as individual concerned ,however, interests vary greatly from different people. For example, one maybe interest in fishing but the other in the shopping in the leisure time ,so it is more wise to let oneself to selct which activity he want to attend rather than let them do the same thing.

Second, finding out what students really want and arrange the conresponding courses for them is very important because thus students

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activities is motivated and they are willing to spend more time in learning more in the fields that they are really interest and appeal to them. Let us suppose that whether a student likes or not ,every student is forced to have the same course- mathmatics. And then it is not hard to imagine such a situation that a student with no interest in mathmatic but has talent in others, say ,art, will lose heart in learning and comes to nothing ,and therefore our society maybe will run risk of losing a great artist. If so, it is the greatest failure of education.

Finally, I believe that the educators duty is not to decide the curriculum and force student to have the same curriculum, but try to find the piority of every student and correctly direct students how to develop their interests and eventually reach success. For example, the educator can try their best to providing more choice and materials to students to widen students visions.

An education which searches for uniformity will have a tendency to kill the creativity and character of students, and as a result ,every student can not own their own ideas and narrow visions which will eventually impose side effect on the society .

To sum up ,we can conclude that education should not pursue the uniformity of curriculum to kill an individuals creativity and character.

Education ,as a society should accommodate more diversity to keep itself colorful and appealing.

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