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Its the best feeling in the world when you meet new friends that you cant stand to be without. That you constantly want to impress to make them like you even more. They make you hope everyday that they wont leave you. Until that day when they actually do, and youre lost without them. You cant think about anything else but when youre going to see them again.I hope well be friends forever, together well always be. I dont think you understand just how much you mean to me. And one day when we part our ways, well think back to the past and think about how happy we are cause our friendship will always las.Friends are always friends no matter how far you have to travel back in time. If you have memories together, there is always a piece of your friendship inside your heartt.Who would have thought that a simple Hello! could have been the beginning of a wonderful friendship? This simple Hello! was all it took for Ryan Schroer and me to become great friends. I met Ryan in my biology class. He sat in the front of the class so that his motorized wheel chair wouldnt get in the way. I, however, believe that he wouldnt have gotten in the way no matter where he sat. From the first day of school, my simple Hello! and his cheerful reply were the keys to our friendship.

In our sophomore year, we were in the same English class--Mr. Weinheimers English class. This year was great! Mr. Weinheimer was able to open Ryan up to even more people. The two became great friends. In fact, Im not sure who taught the other person more. They even had a comedy act that was spontaneously put together every day. (This was because Ryan was the only person that actually laughed at Mr. Weinheimers jokes.)

There was a time, however, in which Ryan was not able to come to school. He had surgery on his legs and hips. They had to keep him at home for rehabilitation. His parents had to turn his body every hour in order to prevent bed sores from occurring. His legs were very scarred and he was in a great deal of pain, but if you talked to him, he would never let on that he was in pain. He hid his pain from everyone.

A few weeks after our English class wrote letters to him, he was able to return to school for half of the day. Soon after this short period of time, he was able to come to school for the whole day. (What you may not understand is that this remarkable young man has cerebral palsy and has endured many an obstacle. Yet, he is able to go on living life to the fullest he is possibly able.) He knows the old saying When the going gets tough, the tough get going. to the deepest and most personal extent.

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In our junior year, we found that we didnt share a single class. This was not a problem, however, we just talked a little more in the hallway during passing periods. That year seemed to fly by. I must have blinked because I missed it! The highlight of the whole year (and maybe my life) was when Ryan asked me to hold the torch runners flag that would mark the spot where Ryan would begin his Olympic torch run. When he asked me, I didnt know what to say. My first reaction was when I asked him why he didnt want someone from his family to hold it for him. He gently responded that he would be honored if I would accept this position for him. He said that the Olympic committee sent a letter saying that the person that holds the flag for him must be someone important to him. He said that I was important to him because I was the only true friend he had ever made that talked to HIM and not to his wheel chair. How could I refuse such a gracious compliment and request.

On June fifth, at 106 A.M., I left early from class in order to take the flag and reach Ryans starting point early. As I walked down the sidewalk, my heart raced and my mind became a factory of questions. I kept wondering how everything was going to happen and how Ryan would respond to the huge crowd of thousands of people. On my way, I encountered Ryans parents, grandparents, and brother. They had all come to support Ryan.

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