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Equation for Profit

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Jonathon Sambor

Robert Hooke

Robert Hooke is said to be “one of the greatest experimental scientists in the 1700s” (Waggoner, 1). Although he isn’t a well known as Einstein, his work has made a genuine impact on the scientific society.

Hooke was born on July 18, 165, at Freshwater, on the Isle of Wright (Waggoner, 1). Hooke was the son of a minister and apparently home schooled as well. At the age of 1, Robert Hooke entered West minster School and later entered Oxford. At Oxford, Hooke got a reputation of being very skilled at building and doing experiments. This trait impressed many of well known scientists at Oxford.

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He was so talented at science that he was asked to become the assistant of Robert Boyle (Waggnor, ). With his success, and reputation of being good at experiments, Robert Hooke was named the Curator of Experiments of the Royal Society of London. Hooke’s job was to present all of the experiments at their weekly meetings. Later on in Hookes life, Hooke became a professor at Gresham College in London, where he taught Geometry. He remained a professor at Gresham until he died on March , 170. (Waggoner, )

It can not be said that Hooke has made his reputation with only dealing with one of the many scientific fields. Robert Hooke has made a name for himself in many areas of Science. For his time, Hooke has made large leaps in Biology, Geology and the use and building of microscopes.

In Biology, Hooke made a reputation for himself with the publishing of the book, Micrographia. Micrographia, is a book with all the specimens Hooke has looked at with under a microscope. Hooke’s drawings were so detailed and good that their were hardly any differences from the drawing and the real thing. Robert Hooke was also the first person to every use the word “cells” when looking at slides of Cork (Waggnor, 4).

Geology was the next science area that Hooke had an interest in. Hooke closely observed the similarities and differences between fossils and petrified wood. Hooke explained the make up and formation of petrified wood in his book, Micrographia.

The last thing Hooke I known for was his work with microscopes. At his time, Hooke built the best compound microscopes in London. With these microscopes Hooke was able to do all of his drawings in Micrographia.

In the end, Robert Hooke was a pioneer in the 1700s. He excelled in Biology, Geology, and microscope making. Hooke will forever be known in our minds and history books.

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