Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Disturbed by Christ

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Is it the standard Save and give to all, or is it the act of failure which creates our pain? Was it Christs influence which raised our expectations beyond the reality of this particular existence at fault? Is it the Antichrist which rebels at the notion of sublimation with cynicism and super realism which should be blamed?

Without the earth, wed have no security- no gravity. Without the sky wed have no light. Without ourselves, wed have no movement between the two.

O SUPERMAN (for Massenet)

Laurie Anderson, 18

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O Superman, O Judge, O Mom and Dad. Mom and Dad.

O Superman, O Judge, O Mom and Dad. Mom and Dad.

Hi. Im not home right now. But if you want to leave a message, just


talking at the sound of the tone.

Hello? This is your Mother. Are you there? Are you coming home?

Hello? Is anybody home? Well, you dont know me, but I know you.

And Ive got a message to give to you.

Here come the planes.

So you better get ready. Ready to go. You can come as you are, but


as you go. Pay as you go.

And I said OK. Who is this really? And the voice said This is the


the hand that takes. This is the hand, the hand that takes.

This is the hand, the hand that takes.

Here come the planes.

Theyre American planes. Made in America.

Smoking or non-smoking?

And the voice said Neither snow nor rain nor gloom of night shall


these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.

Cause when love is gone, theres always justice.

And when justice is gone, theres always force.

And when force is gone, theres always Mom. Hi Mom!

So hold me, Mom, in your long arms. So hold me, Mom, in your long


In your automatic arms. Your electronic arms.

In your arms.

So hold me, Mom, in your long arms.

Your petrochemical arms. Your military arms.

In your electronic arms.

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