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Colin Powell Help

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Colin Powell did not give any specifics. This much is obvious from a recent meeting between the U.S., China, and North Korea We will not be intimidated. The United States will only offer aid to countries that fully halt nuclear weapon production. The United States won’t reward a rogue nation for its bad behavior.

North Korea should certainly stop producing the dangerous weapons they have. What else can they do to earn United States support?

1. Kill all their leaders. The guillotines would be more appropriate in this country than they were in France all those many years ago. Leaders have raped, pillaged, and destroyed a country that doesn’t have a whole lot to start. These leaders should die publicly. You think Iraq’s people were glad to be released? North Korea’s leadership is more viscous and violent.

. Install Technology Infrastructure. They need to produce something in this land. They have few, if any, natural resources. The people are so weak with hunger they can’t even think. The one thing they can offer is hard work. Let’s get them involved as a cheap alternative for tech geeks. Their country will need some sort of boost to get started. The U.S. didn’t become a technological giant overnight. North Korea can be our satellite, as well as our outlet for cheap labor.

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. Give Japan a slice of the pie. The Japanese, long our friends, are struggling economically. Allow them a chance to buy into North Korea. They can send politicians, money, and ideas to this woebegone country. Japan cannot, however, steal the nukes an sell them on the open market. If we do let them come in, we need to watch them.

4. Paddle them. I know Powell has been dying to take one of these evil nations over his knee. North Korea can be the example. Just like a powerful father, we need to take these mischievous murderers over our knee. And whip that ass like until the nukes fall into our pockets.

5. Help the people. There are twenty-four million people starving right now. They need aid. Once the oppressive leadership is gone, we can help the citizens. They deserve it. We can institute our democracy. North Korea can be an example for China, who will eventually come over to the good side. Humanitarian aid is the way to surrounding country’s hearts, just like food to a man’s. Trickle down helponomics works. That is how we finally solve the North Korean quagmire.

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