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Catcher in the rye essay

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The Catcher in the Rye is one of the most known pieces of literature in America. The story takes place mainly in New York City and the renowned school of Pency Prep. Holden Caulfield is the narrator and the main character in the story. He is telling the story after it has all happened in first person perspective. Although there is no climax to the story it is very interesting and a bit odd.

Holden is a 16 year old kid that has difficulty in school. He is not bad in English but the other four classes that he is taking at the school he is failing. It isn’t that he is mentally incapable of passing but is lazy and hates the idea of school. After many warnings from Dr. Thurmer the headmaster, he has been ostracized by the Pency Prep. Education program. Although he was not upset by this, he showed concern about his family’s reaction. From the time that he got kicked out of Pency to the time he returns home is an adventure.

Holden has one younger sister named Phoebe that he completely adores. He has an older brother named D.B. that lives in Hollywood and writes scripts. Holden is a little disappointed by that because he hates the movies. D.B. used to write books, mostly comedy but now solely writes movies. Holden used to have another brother but he had passed away from leukemia in 146.

Holden has an eighteen year old roommate Stradlater that is a jock. He is the captain of the basketball team and is very popular. Holden is known but not to the extent that Stradlater is. He is also a partier and on this particular day has a date with Jane Gallagher. Jane also happens to be an old friend of Holden’s, yet he is not upset. He is more curious then anything else. Since Stradlater is leaving he does not have time to write a descriptive story assigned to him by his English teacher. He asks Holden to do it for him and he agrees. He told Holden to write about a house and it has to be very, very descriptive.

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Later that night when Stradlater returns, Holden is waiting for him with a bunch of questions about him and his old friend Janes date. Holden gets a bit edgy and get on Stradlater’s nerves. Then when Stradlater asks where the assignment was that he was supposed to write for him, Holden said it was on the desk. When Stradlater picked it up and realized that it was not on a house and on a baseball glove they started to argue. Holden had written a whole composition on his late brother Allies’ baseball mitt. He wrote about it because it had poems written all over it and Holden could write a good description on it. It was the only thing that he could think of at the time where he could write a enough to fulfill the requirements of the assignment. The argument eventually turned in a fist fight and Holden was knocked to the ground by Stradlater.

Late that night Holden wanted to leave so he finished packing his bags, which was mostly done already because he knew he had to leave. It was only Saturday and Holden couldn’t go home until Thursday because his parents didn’t know that he got kicked out of school. The letter that Dr. Thurmer wrote would not be received by his parents until Wednesday the latest and Holden did not want to be home when his parents would get it because they would obviously be angry. He wanted time for them to cool. Holden left Pency and decided that he would go on the train to the city and stay in a hotel for a few days. He could afford it and he thought it would be the best thing for him at that moment.

This is where the adventure of Holden Caulfield begins.

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