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alcohol family disease

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Alcoholism is called a family disease for two reasons. The first is thats the genetic component of addiction runs in families. Put simply, If you have a family members who is addicted to a substance your chance of becoming addicted once you start using drugs or alcohol is far greater than the average person. The best way to avoid addiction is to never start.

The second is that alcoholism of a family member touches, affects and damages everyone in the family. Living with an alcoholic can be damaging both physically and emotionally. Children and spouses of alcoholics are at significantly higher risk of physical, sexual and emotional abuse. The following list can be of help to you or a friend who is trying to survive in an alcoholic or chemically dependent family.

1) Remind yourself that you are a worthwhile person who deserves to be treated well by everyone.

) Take care of yourself first. You cant help others if you are not emotionally healthy.

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) If you have an alcoholic parent confide in a trusted adult friend or relative and make arrangements to move in with them if necessary. Tell your sober parent, if you have one, of these plans.

4) Go to AL-ANON or AL-ATEEN meetings. You can share experiences and learn from others. To learn the times and locations of local meetings in South Dade call (05) 687-404

5) When faced with threats or actual domestic violence, call the police. Ask them to remove any guns for safekeeping.

6) Keep communication open with other family members. If possible, approach the alcoholic as a caring group when they are sober and express your desire that they get help. Denial only prolongs the pain.

7) Dont ever argue with someone who is drunk. You cant win and they probably wont remember the argument anyway.

8) Dont ever ride with someone who is intoxicated. Make plans before you go out on a designated driver or alternative transportation. Refusing to put your life in their hands is not only smart but it also punches holes in the alcoholics denial.

) Dont depend on on a habitual drinker for anything, especially love as you will repeatedly be disappointed.

10) Dont make excuses or cover for an alcoholic. This only helps an alcoholic to keep drinking. The more they have to face the consequence of his or her behavior the harder it is to deny the problem.

11) Remember that you didnt cause the drinking, and you cant stop it. Alcoholics want to drink and usually blame others as an excuse to drink.

1) Anyone who finds themselves married to an alcoholic or drug addict should make plans for eventual escape. Hoping that they will stop on their own is not realistic. When your partner is sober let them know what you will do and by when if they do not stop drinking, then do it!

Most alcoholics feel they can quit on their own. The fact that they are still drinking despite mounting problems and consequences is strong evidence to the contrary. Realizing that they are out of control and need help is the first step on the road to recovery. Help can be obtained through AA or local alcohol rehabilitation program. In Homestead the phone number for the local Alcoholics Anonymous is 45-176. Give it to the problem drinker or leave it out where they will see it when they are sober or hung over. Once the alcoholic has embraced sobriety, family therapy is usually a good idea to help the family to get healthy along with the recovering alcoholic

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