Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Acceptance Within American Society

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It seems that American students today strive to be accepted by their peers, teachers, and other authority figures. Although many may believe that students will rebel against any type of authority, students yearn to have that adult acceptance, from a parent, teacher, coach, relative, and so forth. It is not clear how many students in American society would truly do anything to get acceptance. Some might suggest that students will go to any length to get acceptance in American society. Others might argue that students really do not try for this acceptance. There are no conclusive studies to support either viewpoint, since students are not always willing to admit to what they have done for acceptance. Students trying to impress their peers might admit to doing something that, in actuality, they have not. Students must learn to express themselves in a positive manner. Sports help students do this, as well as English classes that encourage self-expression and allow the students to find a positive outlet for the confusing adolescent years. Many teachers, however, remain blind to the true needs of their students. Without allowing students to learn to be individualistic, America risks raising terrorists and people who will not contribute to society. We do not want students to grow up thinking that everything will be handed to them on a silver platter, because, of course, this will not happen. However, students with IEPs will probably think that their disability will get them anywhere in life, although many employers do not even know what an IEP is, and certainly would not make accommodations for students with special needs. In conclusion, I hope this essay has shown you the importance of making sure that students in todays society know that they are accepted by everyone they meet, not just those people that happen to love them because they have to.

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