Thursday, December 29, 2011

Zach Smith

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Everyone has people they look up too. Be it your father, your favorite athlete, or even a movie star, we all look up to people for different reasons, but usually, because one wants to be just like that person. Well I am no different. I look up to Zach Morris, the star of the late 80’s and early 0’s TV show Saved by the Bell. Just to clarify, his TV personality is Zach Morris, I don’t care about who he is in real life. Well anyway Zach has got it all going for him, he’s got money, good looks, he’s funny and he’s going out with the hottest girl at Bayside High. So how does Zach do it? I don’t think anyone will ever be able to figure that out, but hopefully I can shed some light on it.

Remember back in the 80’s, when cell phones had just come out and they looked like World War nostalgic field walkie-talkies? Well Zach had one of these and back then, they werent cheap. He always wore the best clothes, always had money to eat at “The Max”(the restaurant in the school) and always had the coolest room, out of all the characters. You maybe thinking “well his dad is probably rich or something.” Well I know what is really going on; a while back, Bayside High found out they had much oil underneath their property(episode 40-F) and Zach knew he could make some major money off this. So when the school decided not to drill, Zach took action. He sucked all that oil out from underneath the school and sold it to a oil tycoon from Texas. Of course, there was never a episode exposing this, but that would hurt Zach’s reputation.

Zach definitely had the best style on the show. You could tell because somehow, he would go through at least 5 completely different outfits everyday. I don’t know if he was changing clothes in the bathroom, or if Principal Belding was letting him use his office as a dressing room or what, but if you don’t believe me, you can count them yourself. Maybe this was one of the reason he was going out with Kelly, the hottest girl in the whole school and was friends with the only people in the school beside the random kids and the nerds that filled in the other chairs in class. Even if you don’t think Zach is that great looking, for some inane reason, it seems like everyone else does. Watch the show for about minutes and I guarantee there will be a scene where Zach walks onstage and there is 45 seconds of the audience track cheering.

Well if this guy isnt the perfect to look up too, I don’t know who is. I mean sure, I could look up to someone who made a difference in the world, someone who does great things, or at least someone who is real, but living in the world of TV is much better. Plus, who needs all that big achiever stuff when your going out with Kelly and your best friend is Screech. Well I hope I have made as good as impression on you as the real Zach would, although I know you have seen an episode of this show…it is like a prerequisite to being born.

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