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Volley ball originally was mintonette by YMCA director William C. Morgan the man credited with in invent ing volley ball in 185. The game was developed for people who found it difficult to play other difficult sports such as basket ball. Volley ball involved learning only few skills instead of the many required by basket ball. During a demonstration game, someone remarked to William C.Morgan that the players seemed to be volleying the ball back and forth over the net, and perhaps volley ball would be a more descriptive name for the sport. On July 7th, 186 at Springfield College the first game of volley ball was played. This soon helped vollleyball grow to become a very popular sport in which now has over 46 million people playin the game. I myself play this sport and it is very easy to play. It is also challengin and you have to be able to work with other team mates to become better. Which i myself cant do because i realli dont like many people but it boosted my self esteem and i seemed to start to like people more than usual. And now i am a very happy person to be around.. and i am just typin crappy stuff cuz i need an essay by the end of the week so that i can get atleast a b in gym so i dont fail and it is beter to bull shit then anythign else you know yea i guess you do. So yea it sucks ass... so yea thats pretty cool so i am just sayin stupid stuff and more stuff.

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