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Let Him Have It Essay

There are many films based on true stories and these films are often bias due to the fact that they are based on the perspective of at least one of the real life characters.

“Let them have it” also contains this biasness as Iris Bentley who is the sister of Derek Bentley which was the convicted murderer.

After seeing the film I was left feeling very sorry for Derek but also felt unhappy because of the injustice of Christopher Craig being let out of prison.

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The whole reason for making the film “Let him have it” is to manipulate us into feeling sorry for Derek. Manipulation means to

1. To move, arrange, operate, or control by the hands or by mechanical means, especially in a skilful manner She manipulated the lights to get just the effect she wanted.

. To influence or manage shrewdly or deviously He manipulated public opinion in his favour

. To tamper with or falsify for personal gain tried to manipulate stock prices.

4. Medicine. To handle and move in an examination or for therapeutic purposes manipulate a joint; manipulate the position of a foetus during delivery.

The type of manipulation we look at in “Let him have it” is the second one. This type of manipulation can be done in a various number of ways such as the appearance of someone or the history behind someone.

Before you have even begun to watch “let him have it,” you are manipulated by the video case. The main picture confronts us with the two main characters, Craig and Bentley. As we look at Craig we are straight away manipulated to look at him as an evil gangster. We take this view of him from the black clothes which you associate with evil. He also looks very pale which reminds us of vampires. He has the gangster style hat and looks like a rouge character. The light is directly on him which makes us look at him first and this is so we notice the gun he holds which tells us that he has the power to kill or severely injure.

Derek Bentley completely contrasts with Craig. You can first see that he’s slightly smaller than Craig which would make you think that he’s not the ring leader. Bentley also appears younger than Craig. This manipulates us because Bentley is actually both taller and older than Craig. When we look at Bentley he has a very innocent and venerable expression on his face which makes him look possibly scared of Craig.

From this picture we get an image in our heads of one criminal which is Craig and one innocent young boy which is Bentley. The video case manipulates us into thinking that Craig may shoot someone and I get the impression that he will shoot Bentley.

This film is very bias and subjective because Iris Bentley helped Peter Medak make the film and therefore all the parts with Bentley in, she would’ve given it from her point of view. The point of the film is to make us feel sorry for Derek so Iris will make sure that we see him in the best possible light.

During the film there are many ways in which we are manipulated by Peter Medak. The techniques used are to manipulate us visually, different types of music, sound effects, different camera angles and clothing worn by characters.

When Derek has epilepsy fits the camera goes into a Big close up of his face. The music is very powerful because the beat of it seems to show the beat of Derek’s heart which is obviously high. This makes us feel sorry for him because the scenes are very traumatic.

When Derek is getting accepted into the gang we see that he gets a bright blue jacket rather than a black one like the rest of the gang. This makes us think that Bentley is not really part of the gang.

The main part of the movie where we get manipulated is when Derek and Craig are in court. When Humphreys is questioning Bentley about the knuckleduster and why he took it from Craig, Bentley replies “Something I’d never had Sir, a gift”

This line shows just how much of a child Bentley is, as most children accept any gift given to them on the principle that it is a gift and therefore must be accepted. This was the idea that Bentley was working on when he accepted the knuckle-duster from Craig.

After a few minutes of questioning from Humphreys the Judge (seated on Bentley’s left) joins in with his own questions, it now seems as if the two men are attacking Bentley, trying to force him to confess.

As Bentley becomes more and more terrified the director shows the audience things from Bentley’s point of view the camera flicks back and forth from Humphreys to the Judge as they alternately fire questions at Bentley. The camera then zooms in on Bentley who, at the director’s choice, still has bruises left over from Fairfax’s rough treatment of him, two months earlier. These bruises heighten the audience’s feelings of pity towards Bentley and also make him appear more vulnerable. As the camera continues to zoom in on Bentley the audience can hear his increasingly laboured breathing and see his eyes flickering around the room.

The director has done this in order to show the audience how weak and vulnerable Bentley really is. The fact he is crying also shows us how child like he really is.

When Bentley is hanged, we are manipulated into thinking that his soul is going to heaven because the camera comes all the way up from the basement out of the prison and to the sky where it then enters his house. It then goes to the living room where you see his Mum, Dad and Iris all grieving. You hear the clock tick quite loudly and then it stops. This is to sow that it is over and he has died.

In my opinion it’s obvious that we are manipulated to feel sorry for Bentley and to hate Craig which is achieved successfully. Every film that you watch will manipulate us because you see what the director wants you to see but in this case it’s not the director it’s Iris.

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