Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sir Isaac Newton

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Anyone who has a penchant for astronomy knows that there is an infinite amount of literature available on the subject. The materials available include star maps, astronomy guides, textbooks, newsletters, and academic clubs. Of course, the tool with the strongest academic impact has been the World Wide Web. Anything you ever wanted to know is now at your fingertips. But where do you start? Which sites have the most relevant information, and how useful is it to novice star gazers? In my opinion a successful website will be one with a myriad of information, and will let me locate and isolate material needed for effective learning.

My teacher has provided a list of links for our online astronomy class. I will review the text and test outline and then attempt to find material on Newton’s Laws of motion and gravity within four of the available websites. From one hundred-thirty-four possible websites, four were easily chosen.

As an internet student my criteria for an academic website is specific. First and foremost, the site must be easily navigated. Classes are usually geared toward a particular subject in order to make testing effective. With this in mind, the websites that offer the most support are the ones where you can actually find information. The first website I chose, was relatively small so navigation was not an issue. ‘s People in Astronomy, The Royal observatory’s were also easy to navigate. was a different story, none of the information was linked together and the bulk of the site is “pay-per-view.”

Geocities featured a short biography of famous astronomers. Newton was listed with a succinct but useful overview of his life, also included was Newton’s three laws of motion. Planetscape paled in comparison, with barely more than a birth date listed for the famous Sir Isaac Newton. The national Meritime museum proved to be a useful resource. The site even had it’s own search function making it easy to locate specific information. An entry of “Isaac Newton” hailed 1 articles on the astronomer. Once again relinquished little information. Out of all the websites viewed The royal observatory proved to be the most useful.

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