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Informal Speech critique

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Informal Speech Critique

American language and culture was one of my classes I took last semester, spring 00. Each student was required to give an oral presentation for the final and the presentation could be anything interesting. I remembered one of my friends, Kaman Wan, had an interesting presentation. She was showing how buying a book online is better than buying it from a bookstore. I thought her topic was very interesting because I never thought of buying a book online before. However, I would not be interested in her presention if she did not present it well.

Kaman was able to grab the audience attention with her introduction. She was able to give audience incentive to listen. She first started out with a question asking if anyone ever bought a book online. She was getting her audience involved in her speech. She also did a good job with her eye contact. The audience was sitting in the semicircle and she was able to look around at the audience, not just looking to a person infront of her. In this way, she was able to increase the credibility of her speech which made the audience agree with what she said.

Kaman used powerpoint in her presentation which I think it made her presentation more interesting. It was easier for the audience to follow her points when she used the powerpoint to point out her reasons why she thinks online bookstore is better than the regular bookstore. One more thing that made her presention not too boring was that she told the story of her own experince to support her points. She told us how she was able to save a lot of money after she started buying books online.

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Kaman seemed to be a very good speaker, however; there were areas she needed to improve. For example, there were few gestures used in her speech. She did not look natural and relax when she spoke. She touched her hair a little too often. She should try to maintain a more natural stance when she speaks. She spoke a little bit fast, so she needed to slow down a bit so that her messages would be present clearly. Her pauses are fine; she was able to use pauses for effect and to allow herself to maintain proper breathing. There were some, but not too many interjections such as “uhm,” “and,” “you know,” or “like” in her speech. There were times when her volume was too low, but most of the time, she was able to speak loudly.

I think Kaman was considered as an effective speaker overall. She was able to deliver and present her messages clearly. She was able to keep her audience’s attention throughout her presentation. Her eye contact was excellent. Her speech also fell within the time limits for the speech. Her main points followed a logical pattern. She was able to end her presentation smoothly and effectively.

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