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When starting English 100 I was a little nervous because of all the essays we would be writing. I wasn’t as confident as I would have liked to be in all areas of writing since English has always been my second language. But, I knew by the time I had finished this class I would have shown improvement in many areas. And now that English 100 is at the end I feel my writing skills have changed a lot. Even though there are many things I still can improve on there are three major areas I have got better in.

The first thing I improved on was my vocabulary. At the beginning of English 100 I felt I had a pretty average vocabulary. But by the time English was done I knew words I have never even heard before. From the start writing sentences was fairly easy, but they were usually based on simple words. Now as I am writing new more difficult words seem to pop into my head. The reason my vocabulary improved was listening to other students and the teachers. By listening to others I would hear many different words and then look them up in the dictionary if I didn’t know what they meant. After looking the words up I would remember them. So, even though I had an okay vocabulary on the first day I believe I have a much more intelligent one now.

Grammar is the second thing I have successfully improved on. In the beginning I knew my grammar skills weren’t so good. My biggest problem was with commas and where to put them. Not knowing sometimes where they were supposed to go I would just leave them out of the sentence. This was a problem I fixed by reading essays and doing exercises in my book. Now I can recognize a little more where the commas belong. Another thing I learned is how to fix fragments and run-ons. I have always had so many ideas in my head when it comes to writing. When I would start to write the sentences seemed to go on forever. Now at the end of class after reviewing I know how to fix my mistakes.

The third aspect of English that I have shown improvements on is sentence structure. Many things we have learned throughout this class have helped me organize my ideas and put them into well thought out sentences. In the beginning I sometimes would write sentences that sounded kind of mixed up. By learning dangling and misplaced modifiers I now know how to write clear and concise sentences. Knowing how to change the wording of the sentence to make it sound right really helped me. Learning more about sentence structure was the most important thing I learned throughout English 100.

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Even though I have improved on something’s there are still many things I need to work on for example details. In short writing 1 I said “most students just come home and forget about school.” But I never explained what they did instead of focusing on school. Sometimes I feel a sentence does not need an explanation. Hopefully further English classes will help recognize when to add more details.

Out of all the English classes I have had English 100 was the most beneficial for me. This class targeted my rough spots in writing essays and helped me improve greatly. Now I hope all the information I have learned in this class will help with my major as a radiological technician.

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