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Students need to realize the importance of what is expected in them according to “The

Responsible Student”, by Joyce C. Bremer. Many students do not realize what is

expected of them in the classroom. Work is just like school, students need to work hard

and show up. Students have to participate and work together as a team. Students need to

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turn papers and homework in on time because employee’s have the same responsibility.

Quizzes are just like a performance report that employee’s get. They see how much you

have learned and test your knowledge. If you do everything like work hard, show up, and

turn in assignments you will do good.

First of all, I agree with Bremer that students do not realize what is expected of

them to be a good student. For example, I never tried that hard because I never knew that

how I did would effect my life. In high school, I would never study for tests, but I would

do my homework. I would settle for the C’s instead of studying for ten minutes and

receive a better grade. Participation is key in understanding the textbook. I would rather

sleep or just draw to pass time. The few times that I would participate I would do better

on the tests because I understood what was going on. An example of me participating in

class is when I fill out the study guide. In our history class, the teacher would give us a

study guide to fill out that followed his lecture. The study guide had almost all the

question’s to the test. When I would fill the study guide out I received a good grade on

the test.

Next of all, is that students work harder at their jobs rather than school. I have an

example of my friend that works two jobs and goes to school at DACC. My friend goes

to school in the morning, his first job in the afternoon, and his second job at nights. Going

to classes is not mandatory at DACC, but you will be dropped if you miss to many. My

friend believes that working two jobs is great because he is making a lot of money. He

does not make it to class as much as he should. His grades are not what he should be

getting. My friend believes he should work more because he is making lots of money right

now without doing good in school. The thing he doesn’t realize is that he could make

more money and work less hours if he would get a good education.

All in all, students need to realize what is expected of them. They need to show up

for class, participate, and do their work.

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