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I have finally made the decision to buy a new computer and am now standing in the store. There are so many different PC’s to choose from. After going up and down every aisle reviewing all the computers I have narrowed my chose down to two. I am trying to decide between the Toshiba Satellite 505-s50 and the Gateway 400.After reviewing a brochure on each of the two computers I think I have found the best new computer for me.

There are abundant reasons why the Toshiba Satellite 505-s50 is a better laptop computer then the Gateway 400. First of all, let’s start with the Toshiba. It has a really fast application speed because of its processor. With this processor, my computer would be incredibly fast. For example, when turning on the computer it will load quickly to the desktop. Memory also plays another important factor in how fast my computer would be. The memory would let me to run many different programs at the same time with hardly any freezing or slowing down. This efficiency is good for doing research papers. When it comes to multimedia, Toshiba is the one computer that stands above the rest. This computer comes with many outstanding programs. Office XP is one of the most helpful programs provided. It includes Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and many other good programs I use everyday. Another great program is Encarta 00 encyclopedia which would help me research information. The last terrific program that comes with this computer is the Easy CD Creator 6, which would allow me to burn my favorite music and programs. This computer has a very good display quality which means that everything comes in clearly on the screen and is not fuzzy. This is good for me because I like to play a lot of games. Toshiba offers a very good warranty for three years. Also, the Toshiba Company has excellent customer support offering, twenty- four hour online support with updates which could help me deal with problems with my computer.

After reading the brochure on Toshiba I looked at the one about the gateway 400.

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The Gateway 400 computer’s application speed is moderate because it only has Pentium , which is a slow processor. This is not fast enough for today’s technological world (meaning games will run slower.) There is not a lot of memory in this computer, so if I would open programs it would take a long time to load and sometimes cause freezing. Many programs require a higher quality performance than the Gateway 400 can provide. The Gateway comes with very simple multimedia programs with nothing extravagant. On this computer I would be unable to watch DVD’s of any kind. It also comes with Windows Media Player which would only allow me to listen to CD’s leaving me with no program to burn MP files. The Gateway computer does not come equipped with any anti-viruses. This means that the viruses could destroy important files and if anything else is wrong the Gateway 400 laptop comes with a two year warranty. Gateway provides no online support only a 1-800 helpline that can be accessed by phone.

After reviewing the two computers, I can clearly see that the Toshiba is the better computer out of the two. This is because the Toshiba Company creates their computers from better quality components and has a faster performance then the Gateway. Even though the Toshiba cost around seven hundred dollars more it is definitely worth buying over the Gateway because of its overall performance.

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