Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Cobbler

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A Cobbler

Weekends are always very valuable periods of time of a whole week. People get sick of working on the weekdays or going to the school very early in the morning. Now, it must be the time for us to relax. Sunday afternoon, I walk down to the street to have a walk and try to make myself to be in this city¡¯s environment. The sun is still shinning, I feel happy and exciting.

Walking and walking, I have arrived in the Queen¡¯s Victoria Market unconsciously. It seems that I am very aware of the situation in which there are many different kinds of commodities. To my surprise, I am very interested in a shoes repairing counter. Although, it is just a small counter, it catches my eye immediately especially the cobbler of this counter. Actually, the cobbler is a small man with brilliant blue eyes and wearing trim jean clothes and jean pant. From his handmade shoes on the counter, I think he must be a very careful and patient person. Coming closer to have a look at these beautiful handmade shoes, I admire him a lot. He said that everyone should have a pair of good shoes, as it will bring you to the ideal place where you want to go! That¡¯s very important to everyone because it is cheerful, it gives us confidence to achieve our objects. He sits beside the counter everyday and he is never absent from his work. He said that to be a cobbler was his permanent job and interests which he would like to do even sacrifice everything. Sitting beside the counter everyday, seeing people passing around, some are in a hurry, some are rhathymia , some are confident and some have a pleasant face everyday. In this situation, the cobbler sees a lot of people, meets a lot of people, experiences a lot of things. He looks at the society much more clearly than most of the others. He is a worldly-wise man who could clearly analyse the experiences make a judgment or predict something. He is generally one person in every situation whose power we must never underestimate. His way of thinking, his way of doing things are just peerlessly beautiful!

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