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The Television Receiver

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The Television Receiver

It’s Sociological Impact from the 160’s to 10’s

It’s Sociological Impact from the 160’s to 10’s

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The programs that we watch on television have had a major sociological impact on us particularly from the 160’s to the 10’s. However this programming would have had little impact on us without the continued development of the television receiver and it’s associated peripherals and technology developments.

Television receivers have been called “idiot boxes”, “boob tubes”, and other less than flattering names. But do these names apply to the device itself or to the programming shown on these devices?

In order to understand the impact of these devices, it is best to review a short history of the invention and development of television.

The first television was invented by Philo Farnsworth in 18. This TV was based on the same technology we utilize today, the cathode ray tube. In 16, at the New York Worlds Fair, RCA Corporation demonstrated the first commercial broadcast of TV with the remarks of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt at the Worlds Fair opening ceremony. At that time there were less than 000 televisions in the broadcast area around the New York metropolitan area, most of those in the hands of RCA executives or wealthy private individuals.

Beginning in 140, RCA began production of the first commercially available TV receivers, but was forced to halt production in 14 because the materials used in the manufacturing of TV’s were required for the war effort.

With the conclusion of World War II, the production of TV’s began again with companies such as RCA, Columbia, Dumont, Crosley and Andrea leading the way. These first “mass produced” TV’s had 7 inch screens, a very large speaker and were floor models only general measuring .5 feet high by .5 feet wide and feet deep. The first TV’s generally weighed between 00 and 00 lbs. These new TV’s were wildly popular with over 500,000 sold in the first 5 years.

Television networks sprung up to broadcast programming including CBS, and the NBC Blue and Red networks, (the NBC Blue network later was sold and became ABC.

In 158, RCA introduced the first color televisions in a big screen format (1 inches). This began the age of Television as we know it today. Later developments included remote controls, larger screens, higher resolution, stereo and surround sound, automatic color and tint controls, the introduction of projection TV’s and in the 10’s the introduction of HDTV, (High Definition Television).

Surrounding these developments were the invention of many peripherals including VCR’s, audio equipment that was designed to interconnect to televisions, satellite receivers and computer type devices that recorded and paused live TV programs by use of a hard drive.

This invention and the devices that are peripheral to it have changed American’s

lifestyle, the way we perceive others, the way we get news and information and started nationwide trends that began on television.

Following are some of the concepts that we have reviewed and how these concepts have been amended and changed our lifestyles due to the introduction of television receivers.

Concept of Cool

Having a television in your home has been cool since the advent of the television. In the beginning it was cool to just have a television. By the mid-160’s, TV’s were more than a cool thing to have in your home, they were a status symbol….particularly if they were color TV’s.

Over the next 0 years, TV’s remained cool as they became feature laden and could do more and more. Both adults and children wanted to watch TV at the homes of friends who had the biggest and clearest screen, the best sound and the best viewing environment.

Beginning in the late 180’s, the rich initially and then a larger and larger slice of the U.S. population began to install home theatre rooms in their homes. These rooms included projection TV, surround sound and comfort that was similar to private screening rooms. This is the current state of the art in television viewing. Approximately 7% of the homes in the United States currently have home theatre rooms and this is expected to grow to around 15% by 007. People who have these rooms are considered the ultimate and have become bragging points for those that have them. Also technological advances have made TV cool, such as TV’s that are handheld or be built into automobiles. It is not uncommon today to see people in airports or at sporting events utilizing handheld televisions.

Concept of Beauty

TV’s were not considered beautiful for the longest time following their introduction. Rather, purchasers looked at these devices as an extra piece of furniture that they had to find a location for. Manufacturers attempted to make these large blocky beasts look better, but little was accomplished until 16. In 16, Philco Electronics introduced the Sculptura.

The Philco Sculptura was the first “good looking” TV the Sculptura was the first tabletop set. It had a small base with the tuner, speaker, controls and electronics in them. Sitting on top of this base was a single swivel arm that held the viewing screen housed in a silver or gold case that was sculpted to match the shape of the picture tube. These TV’s were so much in demand that Philco could not keep up with demand and the TV had a problem with overheating. They did however, change the way American’s looked at this appliance in their home.

Later TV’s became shorter in depth and lighter in weight as microchips replaced tubes and mechanical parts. Televisions became the centerpiece of many rooms in American homes because those with state of the art TV’s considered them a show piece and thought they were beautiful.

Televisions became points of beauty in a home with custom cabinetry; special finishes and built in cases to hold the television and its associated components. This happened by the mid-10’s.

Concept of Success

Success means many different things to people, but in the majority of America, success is measured by how much you accumulate in material goods. Television receivers are certainly among the items that Americans wish to accumulate.

The original television receivers introduced in the 140’s and 50’s cost between $700 and $100. They were very labor intensive to build and had expensive components inside. As televisions entered the 160’s, prices began to fall and opening the world of television to the masses. Color televisions introduced in the 160’s, cost in the neighborhood of $100 to $1800 for the early color models.

Today, large screen (7 inch) TV’s can be bought almost anywhere and models begin as low as $00 and can extend to $700 for those with all the bells and whistles.

People often purchase a TV today not upon need, but upon the fact that they want the newest, latest and greatest, such as High Definition TV, (HDTV) and Projection TV. These sets are often purchased on the fact that they are status symbols, which often translate into the concept of success. The successful American is often the early adaptor of new television as well as the “Technologically Advanced Family” (TAFI), and both groups generally use their TV’s as status symbols. They are the groups that often invite other over to their homes to watch special event broadcasts such as the Super Bowl, Academy Awards and special news events. For these individuals it is an opportunity to show off their success or their new technology which often equates with success.

Concept of Home

The concept of home changed markedly from the 160’s to the 10’s, defining what rooms were included in a home and what rooms are no longer required. In the 160’s a home was considered to comprise the following

· living room

· dining room

· kitchen

· den or family room

· bedrooms

· baths

· garage

Today’s home most likely contains

· Great room

· dining room

· large eat-in kitchen

· -4 bedrooms

· ½ to ½ baths

· study or computer/home office room

· garage

While much of the change is attributable to our busy lifestyles and changing of entertainment patterns from formal to casual, a good deal of this is attributed to the television and other home electronics. It is not unusual to have a television in most every room including bedrooms, kitchen, great room, study/home office and in some instances the, one or more bathrooms.

With the increasingly casual lifestyle, also come changes in the layout of homes so that the great room becomes the center of the house, immediately adjacent to the kitchen. This great room most often includes a large screen TV so that family members and guests can entertain themselves while dining or between meals and evenings.

The television has also made a contribution to the way families spend their time together. Because of the number of televisions in each American home, people do not congregate in one room together as they did during the age of radio or the early days of TV. There are so many different programming choices today, that family members will often migrate to their own space, bedroom, great room/den or kitchen to view their own selection. Even the advent of video recording devices has done little to move the family back into one room. Therefore, not only has the TV changed the complexion of the home, it has changed the living habits of those occupying the home.

In conclusion, the television receiver has had pronounce sociological impact on everyday American life in the 0 year period from the 160’s to the 10’s. It has changed our concept of home, family, success and even beauty. This will be an enduring impact for at least as long as until the next great technological breakthrough becomes apparent. Which could be holographic images in the house, time travel or many other possible things.

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Essay on Keays "Ode on a Grecian urn"

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Ode on a Grecian Urn

An essay by Maynard Paul. 111 words.

In this essay I will start by offering some formal observations on Keats Ode on a Grecian Urn and then move on to discuss the central themes and how they are presented as opposites.


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The poem is comprised of five stanzas of ten lines of iambic pentameter. The meter is regular, but as is more the norm than the exception, there are deviations e.g. line three is hypercataletic containing an extra syllable at the end. The poem is pretty well end stopped with some instances of enjambment.

When writing out the rhyme scheme I made the following observations the first four lines are always abab then follows three lines of cde, but these are not repeated. In stanza one the final three lines are dce, in stanza two ced, in three and four cde, and in stanza five returning to dce.

It is also possible to say that very generally the four first lines of each stanza introduce a theme that is then elaborated on in the following six lines.


In the first stanza the poet regards an ancient Grecian urn, is struck by its beauty and wonders what mysteries it might contain. It is compared to an unravishd bride of quietness and a foster child of silence and slow time

The urn itself is unchanged by the passage of time and represents art and a world suspended from ours. It is also a ,Sylvan historian capable of offering a glimpse into the lives of the people depicted on its exterior.

The stanza starts out in slowly and in the final two lines change gear from stillness to a kind of motion. The people on the urn are described vibrantly; the urn and its static nature is contrasted with the sensuous life portrayed on it, a theme carried in the poem as a whole.

In both line six and line eight, the people are described as gods or mortals or both, making it hard to understand if the people are timeless (immortal like gods) or subject to time as all mortals. Once again the poet offers a contrast, this one between the divine eternal and unchanging, and the human and changing, blurring the lines in the process.

The poet then considers a scene on the urn and through his empathic descriptions ; the pictures start to come to life. The urn tells a flowery tale more sweetly than our rhyme. Here there is a sense of anticipation, the urn is a wondrous mystery, a better tale because it is not yet told. This is idea of arts ability to spark the imagination is also found in the beginning of the second stanza and in the beginning of the fourth.

The second stanza develops two opposites art versus reality and inaction versus action and plays on negative wording. The lovers are depicted in a perfect setting in a perfect moment and yet can never engage in the kiss that the picture implies is about to happen.

The poet is here emotionally immersed in the scene and tells the lovers not to fear but be glad that the moment will never wither and die, forever wilt thou love and she be fair. Although the poet seems to be singing the praise of the lovers in their timeless perfection, there seems to arise in the reader if not the poet the beginnings of some misgivings about the hopeless inaction of the scene. Perhaps this is what the many instances of negative wording is hinting at, after all what is the point of all this perfection if it can never be felt, if the kiss is postponed forever ?.

With the exclamation, play on the poet addresses the urn directly. When the speaker addresses a person or abstraction directly, it is known in literary terms as an apostrophe. In fact, the whole of the poem can loosely be seen as an apostrophe since the urn and the pictures on it are what is addressed.

The third stanza continues in much the same the same vein, the people on the urn whose qualities are so flatteringly and beautifully described ironically cannot act out all that they represent, they are unchanging forever painting and forever young.

In each of the consecutive stanzas the poet has expanded his imagination of the people on the urn gradually.

In the fourth stanza the poet imagines the life depicted on the urn in a larger context. Now we have a procession leading to a green altar and a sacrifice. The green altar is another contrast, the act of the sacrifice in opposition to the green of the altar, life in opposition to death. Throughout the poem there are references to green, the colour of spring and of renewal and change. Once again the static (the urn) is intertwined with the changing represented with the green. It is also a genre reference, romantic poetry is often characterized by the musing meditative reflection on nature.

The poet imagines the origins of the people on the urn a little town or a sea shore or possibly a citadel built on a mountain, and is forced to conclude that the city must be abandoned since the immobile villagers are frozen in time in the sacrifice scene. The opposition between the villagers coming to the sacrifice and the desolate cities is again the theme of immobility vs motion or participation vs observation. The difference is the strongest here and the negative connotation that began in stanza two more marked. In a sense the poet is forced to realize that the people are static, the word of the urn in turn can be seen as desolate and devoid of life and motion. Dwindling is also the poets emotional fusing with the scenes depicted on the urn.

In the final stanza the poet considers the urn and its world, but is no longer immersed in it. He seems to shake off the experience and the urn is again just an object, the men marble and the urn is now a cold pastoral.

The poet is waking from his romantic reverie and comments, Thou, silent form, dost tease us out of thought

and seems ambivalent about his previous emotional immersion into the world of the urn.

The urn will remain after the poet, and the present day reader for that matter, is dead and gone.

The final four lines are an object of great division as to who speaks the lines

beauty is truth, truth beauty. Is it the urn speaking to humanity - or the speaker to the urn. I will not presume to know the answer, but the option of the urn addressing mankind is probably the one with the most potential to make a poignant final statement.

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the party

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The man went to the store. H wanted to buy some food for his party. He bought a lot of things including bread, milk, chips and other things . He was happy to be having a party and wanted to get all the things that he needed. He went home and opened the door. He set everything up for his party. He put up the balloons and all the other decorations. Then he had the aprty. It was a fun party. He had a lot of fun. as did most of the other people at the party. When the party ended he was very happy. He decided to go to bed. When he wokoe up the next morning, he was very happy. He decided to go to the store. While going to the store he saw a lot of cars. He liked the cars. He was happy when he saw the cars. He then got to the store again and said hello to all of his friends. He was very happy when he got to the store. He said hello to all of his freinds again, and then he went back home. He was very happy. He decided to then have dinner. He liked to eat dinner.He had pizza and then he went to bed. When he woke up the next morning, he was very happy again. He decided to eat some breakfast. He had cereal and was very happy, because he liked cereal. Thyen he went to play some football. He was very good at football, and decided to play a long time. His team won the game, and he was very happy. He decided to then go home. When he got home, he ate some more food, and then went to bed. The n ext day, he woke up and ate some breakfast. Then he went to the store to prepare for his next party. He was going to hold that party that night.

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CV writing

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CVs need to do their work very quickly. Personnel officers and employers may perhaps look for hundreds of applications and may perhaps spend only several seconds reviewing your CV. To have an individual to take into account it longer, your CV writing has to quickly convey what you are able to do and you are competent enough to become worth interviewing, etc. That's why it is critical to know how CV writing is organized.

The point is that your CV writing format presents all capability employers with an illustration of writing ariety and your capability to communicate, etc. The writing sample and your conversation during the interview procedure are critical steps for CV writing. It is critical how to write a CV not to overlook the impact on the well written and long CV. Advisers recommend that your format should be a minimum of a couple of pages so far. In addition, the explanations of details about your major achievements have not had this audience before. You happen to be compelled to bring them forth and put them on display over a pages on the CV writing. The creation procedure over a CV writing should be fun and relatively stress free. That is certainly why it is critical to be aware of how to write a CV.

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Resume writing help

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Steven Austin

Dr. Scott Curtis

Shakespeare II

15 August 00

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William Shakespeare’s Othello is a tragedy that takes place in Venice, Italy. The play is set in the late sixteenth century, during the wars between Venice and Turkey. Othello and Desdemona, despite their differences in age and race marry and attempt to build a life together. Their marriage is sabotaged when the envious Iago, convinces Othello that Desdemona is unfaithful. Othello would not be as well known without possibly the most heinous villain in Shakespeare, Iago. Iago is an extremely complex and far from ordinary character. His utter lack of convincing motivation for his actions makes him a difficult character to understand. It is Iago’s views of human nature that let he be manipulative, cunning, and cowardly towards others. His complexity and uniqueness make him one of Shakespeares greatest villains.

Iago sees human nature in the from of brutish base desires with no redeeming features. Iago is unlike any other character in Othello. He is devoid of all positive human emotion and is not subject to the common human passions. Iago says, “I am not what I am.”(1.1.65). This implies a difference between the name of “Iago” and the creature by that name. Iago demonstrates all the evils of which humans can conceive, the horrible union of the worst in men and women. Iago’s position yields him powerful insight, but his “insight is of the sort which reduces all impulse and motive to baseness…” (Bayley 10). Iago understands others because he understands himself “...knowing what I am, I know what she [Desdemona] shall be.” (4.1.74). Iago is more than “a bit of dramatic mechanism” (105), as J. I. M. Stewart describes him; he is a full character, enriched all the more by his lack of self. Iago’s outlook on life is based on his non-comprehension of love. He has a very animalistic attitude towards love and life. The constant metaphoric association of animals and humans in this way portrays Iagos bestial attitude towards sex. He sees love as evidence of the lesser nature of human beings. Iago says, “It is merely a lust of the blood and a permission of the will.”(1..7-8). Iago intimately understands the nature of gender as a masque behind which each of us plays a role. “The self-portrait everyone paints of themselves, the well-guarded persona by which they live.” (Bayley 176). Iago does not merely exist to “label others and so get them in his power” (Bayley 180); he knows they have already labeled themselves, and so uses their own labels against them. He is driven to compel others to behave in accordance with their expected gender roles. Iago treats the women close to him despicably, using them as a means to promote his own evil. He is also a very individualistic person, concerned with only himself and what he wants. Iago sees people as objects rather than real human beings.

Iago’s manipulative character can be seen throughout the play. He takes joy in being able to control others. It is his views about human beings that let Iago manipulate others as he does. Iagos entire plan begins when Cassio is promoted to the position of lieutenant, a position that Iago believed he rightfully deserved. Iago comes up with numerous ideas to steal the position of lieutenant away from Cassio. The first to fall victim to Iagos manipulation is the half-witted Roderigo. Iago knows Roderigo is consumed by lust for Desdemona, and would do anything to make her his own. Iago tells Roderigo that the only way to win Desdemonas love is to make money to procure gifts for her. Iago says, “… Put money in thy purse, it cannot be that Desdemona should long continue her love to the Moor - put money in thy purse…” (1..46-8). However, Iago is just taking the gifts intended for Desdemona and keeping them for himself. Roderigo eventually starts to question Iagos honesty. When faced with the accusations, Iago simply offers that the killing of Cassio will aid in his cause, and Roderigo falls for it. In doing this, Iago keeps Roderigo in the dark and continues to profit from him monetarily. Roderigo is also used as a device in both Cassio and Othellos downfall. Like Roderigo, Cassio follows Iago blindly, thinking the whole time that Iago is trying to aid him, when in fact Iago, motivated by his lust for power, is attempting to remove Cassio of his position as lieutenant. With Roderigos help, Iago causes Cassio to forfeit his position as Othellos second-in-command. Iago’s plan is to make Cassio commit an act that would forfeit his position as lieutenant. During a party in the castle, Iago says, “If I can fasten but one cup upon him, With that which he hath drunk tonight already he’ll be as full of quarrel and offense as my young mistress’ dog…” (..50-5). A fight between Cassio and Roderigo ensues in the castle shortly after Cassio becomes drunk. Cassio stabs Roderigo while yelling, “Zounds! You rogue! You rascal!” (..14). Othello re-enters with guards and stops the fighting. Othello looks at the scene and asks for a description of what has happened. Both Cassio and Montano cannot speak which leaves Iago to give the description of the brawl to Othello. Iago makes it sounds like Cassio was only minorly at fault for his actions, but Othello notices that Iago is going easy on Cassio. Othello says, “Cassio, I love thee, but never more be officer of mine.” (..48-4). Iago succeeds in his plan, and Cassio is removed from his position as lieutenant. Cassio is also used to bring out the monster inside of Othello. He uses Cassio to support his master plan the destruction of Othello. Cassio was unfortunate enough to be chosen ahead of Iago as Othellos second-in-command and was reduced to a deteriorated state due to Iago’s manipulation. Iago ruins the lives of many people during the play and does not feel one bit remorseful due do his disturbing and skewed views of human nature.

Cunning is defined as skill in deception and Iago is a master of this. Iago is without a doubt clever in the way he toys with Othello, introducing doubt into his mind in a way that is so compelling that even the audience marvels at his cunning. His hesitancy, his pretence of friendship, his gradual temptation of Othello into his trap, his perfect sense of timing, his exploitation of the insecurities in an aged, emotional outsider, would be convincing to all but the least trustful. With all the evidence Iago has presented to Othello, Othello still does not doubt his wife. Othello says

No, Iago, Ill see before I doubt, when I doubt, prove, and on the proof, there is no more but this away at once with love or jealousy! (..18-1).

Othellos belief is not caused by jealousy; it is forced upon him by Iago. Iago, with great skill, frames Cassio and Desdemona with a collection of circumstantial evidence, from the misleading conversation with Cassio that Othello is made to overhear to the planting of the handkerchief on Cassio. After such cunning on the part of Iago, it is quite understandable that Othello should be convinced of his wifes guilt, despite her protests of innocence. It is Iago, who uses “smoke and mirrors” to lure and convince Othello into his own cunning hell. Iago is able to play so well on Othellos insecurities. Iago knows just when to feed Othello more information to push him closer to the breaking point. In his childlike simplicity, Othello falls victim to Iago. By the end of the play Iagos cunning has transformed a noble man into a pitiless, emotional wreck. Iago breaks Othello down into a self-questioning fool who is too enraged to take notice of his own actions. Othello becomes enraged and seeks to destroy those who have made him feel the way he feels. Othello says, “Oh, blood, blood, blood!” (..451). In the course of one scene, the calm, gentle Othello has moved beyond demands for ocular proof to those for blood and vengeance alone. The character of our patient, slow moving and thinking hero becomes an accelerated persona whose anger, jealousy, and activity turn the wheels of his destruction. Here a madness envelops Othello so that his judgment is not his own, but Iago’s and his ocular proof is nothing more than the finely-painted dramas Iago creates for him. Iagos cunning plot is eventually exposed by Emilia and Iago runs out, pursued by soldiers. Then Othello, realizing and repenting his injustice to Desdemona, stabs himself, kisses her again, and falls dead.

Iago is a coward who persuades others to act for him. He repeatedly convinces others to complete his tasks for him, because he is afraid of endangering himself. Iago has admitted to being afraid of Cassio, the man to whom he sarcastically refers to as ‘a proper man’ in the first of his soliloquies. There is now no doubt that Iago is a coward, as he says that he must be careful how he tells Othello of Cassio’s ‘crimes’ for fear that he be found out by Cassio. Instead of doing his dirty work himself he persuades others to do it for him. Iago does get Cassio to drink enough wine to become drunk, but he plans to discredit Cassio by persuading Roderigo to have a fight with him. Iago says to Roderigo, “Sir, he is rash and very sudden in choler, and haply may strike at you. Provoke him…” (.1.78-7). Roderigo is manipulated into doing Iago’s bidding and agrees to provoke Cassio. Cassio is easily angered and gets into a fight with Roderigo, which must be broken up by Othello. The plan works and Othello takes away Cassio’s rank of lieutenant. He then persuades Roderigo that things are looking better for him because Cassio has been dismissed. He orders Roderigo to go to his lodging. Iago tries to stay out of the action by taking advantage of anyone possible. He even uses his own wife as a pawn in his plan to bring down Othello. The next day Iago ensures that his wife Emilia persuades Desdemona to speak to Cassio, and when this meeting takes place Othello must witness it. The meeting between Cassio and Desdemona is the key to this part of the plot. Iago gets his pleasure in advancing his wicked plans. As the scene between Cassio and Desdemona folds out, Iago stays in the back while he has his wife [Emilia] sets up the meeting. Iago enters and Cassio advises him what he has done and he volunteers to assist Cassio by ensuring that Othello is kept out of the way so that he can pursue his reinstatement. Cassio is confident that he will be able to reinstate his position, not suspecting for one moment that he is being manipulated by Iago. It is clear that they have discussed Cassio’s position and she is persuaded to make representations to Othello to reinstate him. Emilia is also with them and her belief is that her husband, Iago, is truly upset concerning Cassio’s disgrace. Desdemona is confident that her petition will be successful. Emilia, Cassio, and Desdemona have no idea that Iago is masterminding the entire plot that will eventually bring everyone’s downfall. Iago is such a weakling that he is only present when he feels that he can find someone else who will do his actions for him so he can stay behind and protect his good reputation.

Iago, as a representation of evil, has one major motivational factor that leads him to lie, cheat, and commit crimes on other characters. His views of human nature motivate his destruction of all that is good and the rise of evil. This contrast between good and evil is made with Iago and Desdemona. Desdemona is described frequently by other characters as she is divine, the grace of heaven (.1.lines), while Iago in contrast is described as hellish after his plot is uncovered. Iago uses the other characters in the play to work specifically towards his goal. In this way, he can maintain his supposed unknowingness about the events going on and still work his scheming ways. Iagos schemes however at times seem to work unrealistically well which may or may not be a case of witchcraft or magic. Iagos major mistake, ironically, comes from his wife Emilia. Iago believed that everyone acts in their own interest, but his wife does not. Emilia cares for Desdemona and puts her life on the line for her. Although not completely victorious at the conclusion of the play, Iago does successfully eliminate the one character representative of heaven, innocence, and honesty. Yet remains the censure of this hellish villain (5..lines). Iagos views of human beings not only caused him to loose everything it also cost the people affected by him to loose their life.

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The Euphonium

The euphonium is a brass instrument with a conical bell. It has the range of a trombone. Because it has valves, the euphonium has better technical capability than the trombone. Most people don’t even know what a euphonium is. Some people mistake it as a tuba. In some aspects it is a tuba. It is also called a tenor tuba. The shape and bore of the euphonium allow it to have a dark deep rich tone. Its valves allow for fast technical passages, which can sometimes even double woodwind parts. The word euphonium is derived from the Greek word “euphonia” meaning “well-sounding.” The euphonium being true to its name with its magnificent deep rich tone quality.

What is the difference between a baritone and a euphonium? There isn’t a lot of difference. The baritone is slightly smaller with a smaller bore and has a lighter tone quality. The euphonium has a larger bore with a more deep and powerful sound. Today in America, the term’s baritone and euphonium are used interchangeably.

The history of the euphonium begins in the early 18th century. The instrument that help gave rise to the euphonium was the serpent (see picture). The serpent was invented in 150 by a Frenchman, Edme Guillaume, making it one of the oldest instruments currently in use today. The serpent was used in military bands as a marching bass during this period. It was called the serpent because of its snake like appearance. Its only similarities to the euphonium are its fundamental length of the tube and the fact that it was played with a cupped mouthpiece. The serpent was usually constructed of wood, brass, or silver. It was played with a deep-cup mouthpiece made of bone or ivory. Instead of having modern valves it had six finger holes. In the 1th century, more holes were added that probably led to deterioration of playing since players falsely assumed that the intonation was thereby fixed.

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This gave the serpent a negative image from musicians and composers. Musicians, in order to play the serpent, had to be really good and had to have a good sense of pitch, as intonation was a serious problem. The musicologist Burney compared the serpent’s tone quality in incompetent hands to that of a “great hungry or rather angry Essex calf.”

In 181, Halary, who was a French instrument maker, patented a group of keyed bugles including a bass member called the ophicleide (see picture). It looked much like a modern bassoon and baritone saxophone. It used keys to cover tone holes. The first ophicleides were made with keys, while later models were equipped with 11 or 1. These keys allowed instrument makers to produce instruments of better intonation and of more power than the serpent. The ophicleide was available in several keys and sizes.

During the second and third decades of the 1th century valve devises were developed which revolutionized instrument design and manufacture. Adolph Sax established a wind instrument factory in Paris in the year 184. There he became highly respected as an inventor and designer of wind instruments. He developed a complete family of valved brass instruments from soprano to bass, which are direct descendants of many brass instruments used today. He developed these instruments primarily for use in military bands. As these instruments became available, composers began writing compositions for them. In Germany, Wagner established the tuba group by scoring the “Ring” for two tenor tubas, two bass tubas, and one contrabass tuba. Composers such as Strauss, Holst, Ravel and other composers started to so interest in the tenor tuba. This tenor tuba was basically the same thing as the althorn in Germany and the alto (mi flat of France. The tenor horn in Germany became the baritone in England and the baryton in France. The Baryton in Germany became the euphonium in England and the basse (si flat) in France. All these instruments differed in construction but they had about the same pitch and range.

In the 0th century, a unique euphonium was made with two bells (see picture). An additional second bell was added to the main euphonium. The small bell was used for trombone like effects and was triggered by and extra valve.

With the addition of the forth valve, the euphonium has become very desirable. The 4th valve expands the range and can be used to improve intonation. With the 4th valve engaged the musician can play notes below the bass clef with ease. In order for the musician playing the euphonium to play in tune, they must use the forth valve especially with lower notes. When you use two or more valves in combination, the euphonium will be short of tubing necessary to play that pitch. The note will be sharp. In order to correct this, the forth valve must be used. If you have a euphonium with four valves, change the following fingerings. C should not be played 1st and rd, but 4th. B natural should be played nd and 4th and not 1st, nd, and rd. Low F should be played 4th. Having a euphonium with a fourth valve and not using it is like having a Viper and keeping it in 1st gear.

Dr. D. James Blaikley invented the compensating system in 1878. It was protected by copyright for a hundred years. As soon as the patent ran out, all the manufactures copied his invention. The compensating system is used to improve the intonation of the instrument. Why do we need a compensating system? The formula for producing a length of tube to generated a certain pitch is the speed of sound in inches per second (1440) divided by pitch in cycles per second times two 1440 / (Pitch in Hz ). The problem with non-compensating instruments is when two or more valves are used in combination. On a three-valve euphonium, to play low F you must use the 1st and rd valve combination. On the non-compensating instrument, when you press 1st and rd, all together you get 151. inches of tubing. Low F vibrates at 4.65 Hz. When you plug that into the equation you get 15.5 inches of tubing required. The euphonium is short of .5 inches of tubing so the note is going to be sharp. This shortness of tubing, when using valves in combination, which the compensating system overcomes. The compensating system works via portholes in a designated “master valve.” The master valve is usually the rd valve on a three-valve euphonium and the 4th valve on a four-valve euphonium. When the master valve is used in combination with other valves, extra tubing is utilized. The benefits of using a compensating euphonium are enormous.

A musician should take special care in maintaining a euphonium. The euphonium is very delicate and can very easily be dented. Dents alter tone! Every day a couple of drops of high quality valve oil should be applied. The euphonium should be wiped down with a soft cloth to keep it free of dirt. Mouthpieces should be kept of dirt. Dirty mouthpieces are homes for germs and will affect your tone. A mouthpieces brush is useful to wipe out the grime and food debris. Monthly, the whole instrument should be given a bath. Flush the instrument with warm water. After your done rinse the instrument with cold water. Be careful don’t to dent the instrument in the bath. Use a clean soft lint-free cloth to dry the instrument. Every three months, a flexible cleaning brush should be used to clean tubing before giving the instrument its bath. Whenever tuning slides start to stick, they should be removed one by one by pressing the appropriate valve associated with that tuning slide and pulling on the slide. If you don’t press the associated valve when removing a side, there will be a loud popping nose. This can ruin the seals on your valves. Remove the old grease from the outside and the inside of the tubing and apply new slide grease or petroleum jelly. Occasionally, valves will get dirt and grime in them and will stick. If this happens, you need to clean out your valves. Open up the valves. Open them one by one so that you don’t get them mixed up. Use a cloth to clean out the dirt and grime on the piston and the piston chaff.

The euphonium is clearly an important instrument in the band. Bands that don’t have a euphonium are missing out on a lot. Hopefully this article helped clear up the mysterious instrument called the euphonium.

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Top quality writing an essay

Essays can consist of 5 paragraphs to twenty pages or much more in length, covering any topic, regardless of it's why societies grow to be hierarchies or what you learned from the dog, or how themes are shown in a novel, etc. What all essays have in common, however, is that they need to stay true and to the point. Writing an essay is basically your personal attempt to explain your perspectives, and writing an essay skillfully need to be clear, illuminating and informative. Writing an essay is identified to become incredibly a hard task, specifically for men and women which are deprived of writing skills and are short of time to spend on written tasks. In the most difficult situations, writing an essay can be entrusted for the professional writing team of the greatest customer services. Too often, students who wish to avoid writing issues with respect to type or content pick exactly the wrong topics writing an essay; they think that bigger topics - or bigger words - are better. But it's almost impossible, in 500 words, to write well about vast controversial and difficult topics. Writing an essay need to be flawless and no cost of grammar and spelling mistakes, full of sense and deprived of subjectivity. Writng an essay onyour own can be efficiently substituted by the writing assist of expert writers which are keen on writing and may well produce essay of any complexity level. So that you can organize the most writing an essay the only factor to complete is to get in touch with the greatest academic writing experts and get the most written essay at affordable price.Writing an essay is simple with the greatest services that offer tips and tools of the greatest essay writing. The principal factor is to generate writing an essay simple and simple to your students which are of speciall need.

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The prospect of thesis writing can also be intimidating, but everyone has to start and that is certainly the most complicated. As with much of one's doctorate, the most effective source of support thesis writing is going to be your supervisory team. Traditionally,primary supervisor need to support you by reading drafts, providing feedback and helping you to judge style and level of thesis writing, etc. If you are not a proofreader, but it is possible to expect your supervisor to read your whole thesis, most likely it is better to use the chance. However, if the professional thesis writing support is needed and there is no help, it is possible to order it in the most effective on the internet sources. Custom thesis writers will start with preliminary research covering a broad area so that they can determine what method to adopt for developing the thesis writing. Consumers may perhaps have their own guidance as for the direction of thesis writing. That’s exactly where cooperation and communication are of ultimate importance and thesis writing process is just the proper tool to supply and facilitate the exchange of thoughts among consumers and writers for the most effective thesis writing.

Like any beneficial piece of writing, thesis writing ought to be well organized, have a clear paragraph, and be written in a simple, clear active voice. Naturally, you'll must use an abundance of field-specific terms and, in fact, it is simpler for thesis writing to dispose scientific terms. As thesis writing occurs in multitude of countries, slang or jargon need to not be used. Select formality over informality as soon as thesis writing, but do not be wordy or ungrammatical, etc.

In preparing yourself for weeks or months of thesis writing, your pc will occur in handy. Make a folder for thesis writing, a subfolder for each chapter, another folder to your references, and a final folder just for general notes, etc.

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Dissertations have grown to be an increasingly significant part of Higher Education over the past few years, and are typically included to the third level undergraduate work, as well as forming an significant part of any Masters level program. Dissertation writing services can provide dissertations to do independently, or completely ready made, over a topic that specially interests you. Dissertation writing services are also rather a strong technique of training, which helps to develop advanced intellectual skills, for example, analysis and synthesis, evaluation, as well as management skills. <">Dissertation writing services may aid to give some advice about how to approach, undertake and evaluate and how to write dissertation of one's own so that you can make most likely essentially the best of this kind of a challenge.

As preparation for detailed consideration of several aspects of dissertation writing, dissertation writing services will aid to review what is meant by the term ‘dissertation’ and how to write dissertation in particular. Dissertation writing services also suggest how to control a couple of key resources, your supervisor and your time, etc. However, if there's a lack of any above stated components, it's feasible to order paper with dissertation writing services either wholly or partially. Dissertation writing services provide essentially the most mixture of high quality performance, timely delivery and affordable prices for any sortof paper. The team of professional writers of dissertation writing services will guarantee the originality of the paper written from scratch, flawless and premium quality. Don't hesitate to contact dissertation writing services if you can find any inquiries relating to dissertation writing. Dissertation writing services caring team will do basically essentially the most for customer's success. So that you can get your degree, it's essential, to be well prepared for writing the paper. Dissertation writing services guide is aimed to focus over a techniques and skills required to plan, write, and to review a dissertation.