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Women joing the workforce

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The role of women in Singapore has evolved steadily over the years. More women are walking out of the homes into the society. Women are feeling the need and desire to pursue a professional career and raising a family at the same time. Of course, this is made possible with the help and support from both the government and community.

Better Education

Women in Singapore have made significant progress in recent years. They are better educated and more exposed to economic and other developments. With the increased educational levels and exposure, they are better equipped to contribute to society. The educational profile of women for all age groups has improved year by year, and the gap between male and female educational attainments has disappeared. In two decades from 177 to 17, the number of female undergraduates has increased four times while female polytechnic students has risen by ten times. Due to the improved education and availability of equal employment opportunities, many women are walking out of the home to pursue professional, administrative, managerial and technical positions. In financial, real estate, renting and business activities, sectors previously dominated by men, women now make up almost half the workforce.

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Support From The Government

In encouraging more women to join the workforce, the Government has introduced a comprehensive range of family services and support schemes such as child care centers, student care centers and family service centers. More child centers are being built for working mothers. There are centers that provides hourly, half or full day care for your child. Many working mothers drop the children at the care center in the morning and pick them up on their way home after work. Besides, the Government also provides subsidies for working mother and you can be reimbursed up to several thousands of dollars annually if you are a working mum. This incentive has motivated many mothers to return to the society

Domestic help is also easily available in Singapore today. In supporting more women to join the workforce, the Government has liberalized on the import of foreign workers as domestic maids. This has helped tremendously especially for families that have young children.

Flexible work policies

As the society progresses, more and more employers are adopting this golden rule it doesnt matter how many hours we spend in the office; whats more important is how productive we have been. Companies are realigning its philosophy by practicing flexible policies, such as flexi-hours - allowing employees to come in a little later in the mornings after sending their kids to school and then leaving later to compensate for time lost in the morning. More companies are adopting family-friendly policies to allow employees flexible schedules or time off to deal with personal family matters. A company is much appreciated if it allows its employees to integrate their role as a parent and employee in the workplace within reason. More companies believe in promoting trust and respect for its employees as members of the family structure will reap the benefits of productivity and commitment in return.

It is often said that behind every successful man, there is a woman. In Singapore, this has changed. The woman is not behind the man but stands side-by-side with him at the forefront, taking on the challenges. While we pursue our personal goals and career we should also be prepared to assume the role to set up strong and stable families. Family is still the cornerstone of society and foundation for a strong nation. Of course, the government and society have a great role to play in making it possible for more mothers to work outside the home.

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