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The Vietnam War left behind many unresolved questions even after a quarter century later. The stories presented by people involved in the war reveal a great deal of struggle, many unhealed wounds, memories of attacks, treatment of prisoners of war etc. Prisoners of war still burn with memories of torture and lies. For instance, one of the biggest questions haunting them is how did people that became the United States end up so divided over the same issue in Vietnam? And also how did we end up taking the role that Great Britain took some 00 years ago of forcing its will on another country?

Parents of those who made the ultimate sacrifice carry proud memories of their sons and daughters. But they are plagued by a question that comes to their mind everyday and that is,h why were we there in the first place?h Other parents among the million or so South Vietnamese who fled to U S with their children ask a different though painful question such as gwhy did you come to our land and leave rather than stay there and fight to win?h

These and many other questions come to their minds very frequently but for which they have no answers to. And this is what makes it even more difficult for them. There is certain type of pain that time will heal but this cannot be healed with time as true closure, unfortunately, will not come. The family members will have to live with the facts and what they have been told about the war by the government and the media. But the fact is that truth is far behind what has been presented thus far and the grieving family members seek answers to this day.

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In a recently published article by Appy Christian titled gThe Vietnam War Remembered from all Sidesh talks about the two honorably discharged veterans, Walrus and Mogerdy, who have put their lives on the line, are not at all happy about the current situation. Walrus had what seems to me a really good idea. He suggested that, gAny time an American service men or women is killed in action, that personfs congressional representative should have to be the one to break the news to the family personallyh. As he thinks that congress has power to declare war, which is pretty ambiguous. According to me, this will help the makers of war to realize the consequences of war face to face and thus make them a little more careful as to whom to give the authority to declare war.

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