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The great Stan Lee once said, “With great power, comes great responsibility.” In 16, Stan Lee only had to convince one man, Martin Goodman, to take the chance on a new character. Goodman seemed a little spectacle because he knew that people were afraid of spiders. He also thought that teenagers were only be used for sidekicks and the beginning of a humor story. Most of all, Goodman convinced that know one would want to read about a wimpy crime fighter. Stan Lee finely convinced Goodman to put Spider-Man in the Amazing Fantasy #15. In about a year Spider-Man granted its own title. From the very first story Spider-Man stood out from all the other costumed fighters. They went into battle full of confidence. Not Spider-Man! He was always doubting and second-guessing himself. No matter the odds, Spider-Man never quit. He refused to accept defeat or surrender to despair. His body could be broken, but his spirit was never conquered. Spider-Man being the hero of New York had a normal life, amazing abilities, and villainies villain.

Spider-Man has a normal life. His real name is Peter Parker. Peter Parker parents died in a plane crash. He immediately moved in with his father’s older brother and wife. Afraid of being abandoned, Peter worked hard to win his aunt and uncle respect. He didn’t need to worry because Ben and May truly loved their nephew and would have done anything to please him. In High School, Peter was an honor student, and his teachers always thought very highly of him. Before Peter Parker gained his spider-power, he had considerably less than average strength for a boy his age. He also had no athletic ability. Peter always had a hero in mind. Peter always thought of his Uncle Ben to be his best friend. Ben had an extensive collection of all comic books and science-fiction magazines that he enjoyed sharing with his nephew. Peter Parker graduated from Miltown High School with the highest scholastic in the school’s history. After High School, Peter went to college like every young adult but was unable to graduate because the week before graduation he was in a fight with the Green Goblin and Rocket Racer and missed the required gym class. When Peter went on his own he became a freelance photographer at Daily Bugle for J. Johan Jameson. For as ling that Peter worked for the Bugle J. Johan Jameson never found out his secret. After a long on and off relationship, Peter and MJ finely got married on the front steps of New York City Hall. MJ had become pregnant with Peter son. During delivery the baby died.

Spider-Man may not know if you have been bad or good, but he can always se if you’re dangerous. Spider-Man’s posses many incredible abilities, but his most amazing power are his spider-sense. A strange tingling sensation, which originates in the back of his skull, warns him of danger. Nothing seems to unnerve a bad guy more than being approached by a certain webbed crime-fighter who is crawling up a nearby wall. Spider man posses many abilities, this one have to be the most unsettling. Shortly after the radioactive spider bit him, gave him amazing powers, Peter Parker accidentally crushed a steel pipe. Spider-Man may not be as strong the Incredible Hulk, the Mighty Thor, or the Thing, but our friendly neighborhood �web swinger is able to lift 10 tons. Even more impressive than his strength is his amazing agility. When you come down to it no one can match his acrobatic stunts, and his movement of his fluid and casual grace. Every spider needs a web, and Spider-Man is no exception. Surely, after he gained his amazing power, Peter Parker went off to create a web of his own. After many hours and have studied multipllymer compounds for a few years, he produced a fluid capable of imitating a spiders silk webbing. The webbing is so strong that the Incredible Hulk cannot get out of it. Spider-Mans normal webbing easily can withstand 100 degrees F. If he is fighting the human torch he can pack webbing that can withstand 10,000 degrees F.

Just like other superheroes he has rivals one of the main ones was the Green Goblin aka Norman Osborn. Norman studied chemistry and electrical engineering in collage. When Norman became the Green Goblin because of the chemical blast he first started to ride on a flying broomstick, then later came the all-famous Goblin Glider. Venom is actually two separate beings Eddie Brock and the alien Symbiote that once masqueraded as Spider-Mans costume. Both of them had their own reasons to hate Spider-Man. A chance meeting allowed Eddie and the alien to join together and become the most viscous mass of mayhem that Spider-Man has ever faced. Cletus Casady was notorious serial killer and even before he became Carnage. After killing so many people, Cletus was sentenced to life in prison at Ravencroft Prison, a maximum-security institution for super human criminals. There he found himself sharing his cell with Eddie Brock. Brock was separated from his alien Symbiote. The alien Symbiote came one night to free Brock, as Cletus watched in amazement. In the aftermath of Eddie Brocks jailbreak, Cletus was left in shock, however a small part of the alien Symbiote was left behind emerged with Cletus and became Carnage.

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Spider-Mans message was simple. It is all about responsibility if you want to be a good person, you have to be accountable for your actions. You can’t blame others for mistakes or failures. You also have a duty to use your talents to make this world a better place. If you have the power to stop something bad from happening, you need to step forward. One person can make a difference, especially if he or she acts in a responsible manner. I leave you with this, “with great power, comes great responsibility”.

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