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Mark Twain’s“The Prince And the Pauper”

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Once again we are filled with inspiration through the eloquent words found within Mark Twain’s “The Prince and the Pauper.” Twain, in his outrage, gives up a tale that expresses the social injustice that existed long ago and that even now plagues the very world we live in. Such instances as the quality of life for both the rich and poor, the relationship between the noble and lower classes, and unattached attitude of the king toward the lower class can be found within this book. In order for one to comprehend another’s point-of-view, they must be removed from their original setting in life. If such a situation were to occur, they would come out of the experience with a new knowledge and confidence in their own lives, as well as a respect for the problems of others.

Quite often the source of social prejudice comes from the nobles view of the lower class living conditions. When the nobles looked down upon the living conditions of the poor, they saw the small, decaying and rickety housing. Such a display created an attitude of disgust and unsociability. They saw the unsightly clothes that hung on the backs of the poor and they never bothered to look beyond that ragged curtain. The nobles all found a prejudice toward these people. No one understood what conditions these poor people were forced to live in, because no one would look past the awful streets and the rags they wore for clothes. The fancy homes and clean lifestyles of the rich nobles, lead them to be desensitized to the conditions of the lower class. Instead of looking for ways to help create a better environment, instead of looking for the good that could be found within these people of the lower class, and instead of associating with this group that was unlike their own, they turn their noses up and scoffed at the supposed inferiority of these wretches. As long as these nobles remain in their original setting, they will never begin to understand the people of the lower class. With this continued relationship, the lower class cannot get close enough to the nobles to form a respect. Thus the ever constant mistrust, hatred, and prejudice will continue.

The relationship that existed between the Prince and Pauper at first, describes well the way that the majority of the nobles felt about those of the lower class. The Pauper, Tom Canty, wished that he could have the opportunity to see a real prince just once in his life. He had learned a great deal from the good priest Father Andrew, and through reading his books great dreams began forming in his head. One day he went walking along the road that lead to the beautiful homes of the nobles. Observing the grandest of the homes, he walked up to see if he could see the prince. After being mistreated by the guard, the prince came to his rescue and invited him in. The prince and the pauper began a conversation about Tom’s life. The prince was amazed at what he heard. He was under the impression that every one lived as he did, with servants and the like. This wrong impression would lead many of the nobles to be disgusted at the sight of those of the lower class. The nobles judge them as they would equals who just don’t take care of themselves. Instead, they should judge them by the conditions which they have been born into.

Kings of the past did not concern themselves with the lower classes. The time period that this book is written in is no different. The kings based all their attention on the noble class because they were the ones that influenced his government. He gave the nobles benefits which would allow them to live in prosperity. The attention he gave to the lower class was not nearly as grand. The lower class, because of such neglect, did not have a great love of the king. Their streets and homes were never repaired like those of the noble class; and the noble class never looked beyond that dirt. If the king had payed more attention to the lower class, than certainly the nobles would too. If the king continues to ignore them than the nobles will never care enough to help either.

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As long as the nobles remain in their positions, they will not gain any desire to help anyone less fortunate than themselves. Instead the unsociability, and prejudice will continue to grow. As long as the lower classes way of life stays as it is, the noble class will not change in the way they treat them. As long as the nobles remain in their misconceptions about the lower class, they will never change their attitude toward them. As long as the king continues to find no value in respecting the lower class and fixing their homes and streets, the nobles will continue to turn up their noses and treat the lower class with the disrespect. If the noble class were to be removed from their positions and forced to live the life of the beggar, than they would gain a knowledge and respect for the beggar and his unfortunate way of life. A new knowledge and confidence in the lives of Tom and the prince, as well as a respect for each other’s problems was created when th two switched places. If such a switch were to occur between many of the nobles and the lower class, the same could happen for them as well. If we as a people, should step out of our own places in life, and take time to find out what another’s life is like, than we can fix many of the problems found within our own society.

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