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iraqi conflict

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On March 1, 00, after much debate and protest, the United States began Operation Iraqi Freedom. What was originally intended to be a swift, effective liberation of the Iraqi people has become a drawn-out, controversial conflict. Now, the coalition is faced with many new and pressing decisions. As the hostility intensifies in the Middle East, people in many nations are asking why the United States is still in Iraq. The thin line between assisting and acquiring Iraq is being scrutinized. While days turned into months for the coalition soldiers in conflict, the focus of the conflict seemed to change from disabling the Iraqi regime to maintaining peace until now maintaining peace until the country can be stabilized. However, in order to achieve success in Iraq, the United States needs to concentrate on satisfying the initial goals of the conflict.

When President George W. Bush addressed the public on the war taking place in Iraq, he noted three main goals. The first goal was to liberate the Iraqi people. Next, the United States was to eliminate Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction (WOMD.) The last goal was to end the regime of Saddam Hussein. By achieving these goals, Bush assured the public that a free Iraq would more likely turn against terrorism and cruelty and begin reconciliation and reform. These three goals were his verbal agreement for the public’s approval of intervention. Now that the country has been seized by the United States, it is important to question the fulfillment of these goals and implement plans for resolutions.

First, the Iraqi people must be liberated. Although major steps towards improvement have taken place, the people of Iraq have not yet been given freedom to rule themselves. Also, one in five Iraqis, or 4.6 million people, suffers from chronic poverty. Despite literacy programs, which taught hundreds of thousands to read, and the creation of a United Nations recognized health system, Hussein and his regime imprisoned the Iraqi people within their own country. Hussein regularly tortured and executed any opponents to his cruelty. Also, he brutally gassed his own people. Many Iraqi citizens tell anecdotal testimonies of family members being exiled or kidnapped by the government. One man even revealed that he had hidden within a wall for twenty-two years to avoid death for his beliefs. Although Hussein’s wealth was estimated five billion dollars, the average worker is lucky to make a few hundred dollars a month. These examples explain why the United States is still intervening in Iraq. By the United States simply being present in Iraq, the citizens are temporarily protected to a great extent from further maltreatment. Now the United States and the United Nations must design a program to continue aid. Food needs to be supplied until the economy can be reconstructed. Medical aid needs to be available for those without financial means. Since oil is such a valuable resource, there is no reason for a shortage of jobs once the political aspects are stabilized. Coalition troops need to taper off military involvement in the Middle East as the native people increasingly take control of their country.

Another important aspect to this goal is to ensure that the Iraqi people are free, not just westernized. Although the Americans are free people, it is not in the best interest of the Iraqis to be taken over by Americans. Some Iraqis already argue that the Americans are using the Baath party as an excuse to stay in Iraq. Others feel their country is being transformed from one dictatorship to another. There is a major need for the United States to implement the roadmap to peace which was drawn up by the European Union, Russia, and the United Nations. Possible changes should be discussed with Palestine and Israel. Since May 1, fifty three United States troops have been killed in Iraq. Obviously there is much hostility due to conflicting beliefs. It would be in the best interest of Iraq and the United States to turn decisions over now to the United Nations with regards to aid and assistance for the Iraqi people.

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There are many reasons why the United Nations should have involvement in not only the liberation of the Iraqis, but also the rebuilding of the country. Despite prior reluctance of some nations to enter into conflict on the side of the United States, it is important now to overlook those differences. The topic is no longer whether or not to have a war, but the reconstruction afterwards. Each nation has its own agenda for Iraq, which is why the United States should share in the decision making process. The culture of the Middle East must be preserved, rather than overtaken by Baptist churches or McDonald’s. The Muslim heritage is sacred to the Iraqi people and must be protected and preserved. By discussing and deciding among nations, there is a built-in equality system. Also, by including the United Nations, the United States will greatly improve the international image. Rather than seeming greedy for profitable oil, the United States can inform and interact with other nations on the liberation of Iraq. This shared responsibility will also relieve part of the financial burden on the United States. Lastly, the United Nations should be involved because they are affected. Five million people live in Baghdad. With that population and the available resources, they can either contribute to the global economy or burden it. By the United Nations providing the catalyst, there is a much greater chance of Iraq contributing.

Next the United States must pursue the second goal of the conflict to eliminate the weapons of mass destruction. There have been claims by President Bush, Colin Powell, and other United States and British officials that intelligence certifies the existence of WOMD. Now we must analyze that and other recent intelligence and decide where these WOMD are hidden. Although Iraq is as large as the state of California, with intense and extensive search efforts, there is no reason why WOMD should not be found. As the United States captures an increasing number of regime officials, the answer to the location of the WOMD comes closer. Already Abid Hamid Mahmud, Hussein’s most trusted secretary has begun to talk. The key to discovering the WOMD is for the regime officials to confess their whereabouts. The United States must concentrate efforts on interrogation and negotiation so these dangerous weapons are found before they can be exported, sold to possible terrorists including Al-Qaeda, or even worse, used on coalition troops or innocent civilians. The threat of Anthrax or smallpox was a major deciding factor for most Americans to agree to war. Still, we have not secured these dangers. Before leaving Iraq, the WOMD must be found. If, in fact, the intelligence thus far on the existence of WOMD proves altered or false, substantiation that they do not exist must then be provided. However, the evidence of gas masks for regime soldiers, denied access to inspectors prior to war, and thirteen years of lies and secrecy on the Iraqi side seemingly point to one solution WOMD must be found, confiscated, and destroyed.

The final goal of the war, which must be attained, is to end the regime of Saddam Hussein. Before leaving Iraq, vulnerable and weak, the United States must find and punish Hussein for infractions on the Geneva Convention Agreement. The United States wrongly assumed in the Persian Gulf War that the Iraqis would overthrow Hussein. This did not happen. It is imperative that the United States not allow the same thing to happen again. There are speculations of Hussein fleeing to Tikrit, his hometown. Syria and Egypt may also be possible refuge locations. After attempting to assassinate the Prime Minister, Hussein fled to there at only twenty-two years old. Both locations and others need to be investigated. Once again, regime officials may be key components to finding Hussein. The United States must continue gathering communication intelligence and have troops ready for attack when the whereabouts are known.

Although Hussein may be the worst constituent to the regime, he is not the only one. The coalition must work its way through the infamous “Deck of Cards” before the regime is completely destroyed. Also, a new regime must be set up in its place to prevent future dictators from replacing Hussein. Efforts such as Operation Desert Scorpion are continuing to invalidate opposition. The main goal now is to prepare the foundation for Iraqis to form a new self-rule government and provide a safe and secure environment in which to live and work. The thousands of members of the regime army are now unemployed. The country lacks leadership. The United Nations must create a government ruled by Iraqis, which will preserve the culture and desires of the people there. There is not much dispute that there will be a need for the United Nations interaction for an extended time period. However, the Iraqi people need to be led, not exploited. Now, the coalition forces are authorized to use all necessary force to protect themselves and others when engaged by hostile forces. The ambiguity of such ruled of engagement leave room for further misunderstandings. Also, anger over women being searched by male soldiers will be avoided once the United States is no longer a dominating force in Iraqi cities. Once Iraq is established as a safe and secure country, the Iraqi people will expectedly follow suit.

There is no simple solution to the conflict in Iraq. Differences in political systems, perspectives, and religion constantly change and intensify the disagreement. However, the United States must concentrate on achieving the three main goals set prior to the war before there can be a resolution. By implementing plans to liberate the Iraqi people, eliminate WOMD, and end the regime of Hussein while replacing it with a stable regime, the conflict can be remarkably lessened and eventually resolved.

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