Sunday, October 16, 2011

Geo and the catcher

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Geography Assignment

On the Sept 11th 001, a bunch of crazy extremists expressed their hate towards the Americans

by harming innocent and very important businesspersons in the American economy.

The attack pierced the heart of the American Nation and shocked people worldwide. To get into

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the United States, if you are an immigrant is very hard because they have very high standards.

The terrorists knew they would not be able to get into the States, coming directly from their

country, so they came into Canada instead. The Canadian Immigration policy is misused and it

is far too easy for them to get into Canada and to become a Canadian citizen. The terrorists

squeezed their way through the Canadian Immigration Laws and stayed there until they got

trained and were ready to set up their attack. They snuck over from Canada to the States and

from that point on, it was only headed in one direction “disaster.” Now if the Canadian

Immigration policy was harder, it could’ve of prevented the death of thousands of lives, millions

of heartaches and the endless cries across the nations. I never realized how easy it was to get

into Canada and now that I do, I think we should make the Immigration Laws much harder, to

protect our country and our fellow allied country. The reason why I stand so firmly on this issue

is because we let too many people come into our country and we also let too many smuggle into

the country. If we tighten up our immigration law, it could prevent another disaster from

occurring. We as Canadians, but especially as North Americans must protect our country and our

neighbour’s country from further acts of unjustified killings and other acts of random violence.

We must keep our children safe from any acts of harm and also our nation. Canada has to learn

to mature and they have to stop being the nice guy and start setting down harder rules to protect

the safety of Canadians and Americans. If it means tightening up on our immigration laws, then

that is what has to be done to hopefully have a better tomorrow for Canada and the world.

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