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After school activities do make a difference

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After School Activities Do Make a Difference

I have drill team practice right after school, then I have choir rehearsals then I have to work the basketball game for student council. I am one of the busiest teens I have ever known. I am involved in so many after-school activities that I lose my time to relax and to have time to myself. I have always wondered what I would be doing if I did not belong to any after-school actions. Would I be a “book worm” meaning I would have better grades and a higher GPA or would I be more of a “problem child” meaning I would be out all the time and involved in activities that could be very bad for me. I know many teens that have had a taste of both worlds. Some come from being very busy to not doing anything at all which causes them to get in trouble and I know others who have been “problem children” but as soon as they join a after-school activity they become very involved in and around there community which keeps them out of trouble. The question has been asked, Are children more successful when they are in after-school activities or are they better off not being in one. I believe that the answer to this question lies in the teen, the upbringing of the teen and the activities around the teen.

I truly believe the statement that says, “Anything you put your mind to, you can do it.” I have been a witness to many people who have motivated themselves so much that they have accomplished goals that other people can only dream of. Some of my high school friends do not participate in anything at school. In fact, all they do at school is answer questions and make excellent grades on test they take. They do not participate in any of the school’s clubs, organizations or sports activities. They only strive to be in the top ten percent of the class. To me this proves that a child with enough motivation can do anything by his self and be very successful in his life. The teen did not need extra support from any type of after-school activity. Unfortunately, that is not true for every teen. Some teens need reassurance from other people and organizations. Their motivation comes from others and from them accomplishing a group goal. For example, on the website,, they say that teens who participate in after school activities gain a lot of self motivation and confidence. They also say that they learn how to control and deal with peer pressure. Those teens that do not participate have contact with the wrong type of people and peer pressure causing them to do things that kids who are involved would not participate. For instance, a child who participates in school activities has too many activities and friends to think about doing drugs or participating in harmful events. For the most part, I believe that the website is correct when it says that kids who participate are better students. The only idea that I disagree with is that the website says that teens who don’t participate are going to participate in bad activities. That is not true; I have known kids who have done so much with their life, without participating in school activities.

As a child, I learned how to be active in the community. My parents always had me involved in some kind of activity that made me interact with other people in positive ways. I saw how important after-school activities are from my parents. Both of my parents were and still are very active in the school and in the community. My parents have always participated in events that made them better people. They really instilled in me the value of being active. I used to wonder why I had to be so involved in everything at school. My mother told me that being active kept her out of trouble. She said that she became a better person and her confidence shot up. She was proud of herself and the goals she accomplished while working with the drill team and the student council. My mother was not a very popular girl until she started getting involved. I believe that the desire for a teen to become involved in activities starts growing at home. I know I loved to hear stories from my mother and father about there days on the drill team and the football team. When my mother told me stories about the drill team, I became very interested in learning about drill team and also becoming a member. There examples have helped me decide who I want to be and how I want to be perceived by the people around me.

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When I interviewed my mother, the school board president, I asked more statistical questions. One question I asked her was about the difference between teens who are active in school and those that aren’t. She told me that the teens who did participate in some kind of club or organization have better grades, good personalities and have higher chances of graduating from high school and college. The teens that did not participate had mediocre or low grades and they did not have a lot of confidence or people skills. She gave me many examples from her life and from her friends that were involved and those that weren’t, some became successful doctors while others are still struggling to have better lives.

I truly believe that a child learns from what they are exposed to all the time. Many teens are influenced by television, radio, and there friends. I know from personal experience that when a teen gets involved in something, it is because of a dream that was seen on a T.V. show or it is a friend who has thought of a “good” idea. For instance, when I was in the eighth grade, one of my friends from the band dared me to try out for the Junior Varsity Drill team. At first I was not going to try out, I thought that I was not athletic enough or that I was not a good dancer, but as tryouts came closer my family and friends started to encourage and help me reach my goal. When the day of tryouts came, all of my family and friends were there to support me which made me feel really good. I felt excellent after I found out that I had made the team. I also found out that all of my friends don’t have to do the same thing as me. I realized that we all have different talents and that different organizations will use them to become better. I also noticed that even though we will be in different activities, each activity intertwined with each other. For example, my friends in the band played the music, and I danced to that music while all of us were supporting our friends on the football team. The way we split up was really cool, because we got to see each others talents and show all the work we have done. Many teens learn that they don’t need their friends everywhere they go. They will start understanding how good it is to be independent and how fun it is to see everyone else doing their own thing.

Overall, teens who participate have a better chance in the world to achieve all their goals. It has been proven that school activities provide teens with self pride, motivation and something to do, instead of sitting at the house or out in the streets. I firmly believe that a teen can accomplish anything with the right inspiration and the right type of help to achieve anything.


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