Friday, September 30, 2011

Submission Hearing

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Analysis of Hearing

Physical Surroundings

Upon first entering the council chambers I believe the most visually dominant feature is the extravagant seating for those immediately involved in the hearing, it is not easy to miss the chair intended for the commissioner which sits on a bench raised above the rest of the courtroom emphasising the dominance he has over them. Above the commissioner is the Hamilton City Crest indicating just how formal and legal the proceedings are. A microphone is placed in front of each seat, signaling the importance that everyone who has a say is heard. Expensive tape and video recording equipment indicates to me that the running of one of these hearings is quite costly. Plush red carpet signifies upper class, perhaps the unacknowledged influence of the crown on proceedings. The public gallery seating is comfortable with ample viewing of those in attendance and excellent audio capacity. It is interesting to note any member of public can attend this public procedure and my efforts at recording the hearing were not denied. The personal feeling I got when I entered the room was intimidating at first, I felt unsure about approaching anyone, it seemed rude to talk, be late, leave early even move out of place almost as if your were about to be reprimanded. The councilors (Mr. Bigwood, Mr. Thomas, Mr. Barrett and Mr. Brown) all appeared comfortable in their surroundings talking amongst each other then knowing exactly where to sit when proceedings started. The commissioner was not unaccustomed and also appeared comfortable in the setting. Mr. Reed who was suitably attired for the proceedings sat in the public gallery and was prompted by Commissioner Whity to sit with the councilors. The secretary Mrs. Clarke made the overall feeling of the setting less intimidating by openly addressing the students if the gallery, the commissioner too did this.

Plan for Analysis

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I will commence by stating the name of the persons involved, going on to analyze and interpret

• What they do

• How they interact

• The relativity to the Resource Management Act

• And My personal reactions

This format should address and collate all relevant matters regarding the assignment.

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