Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Poetic Enlightenment

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Being … Enlightened

I stood outside in the rain and thought about what it meant to be enlightened.

I felt it.

I tried to connect with the world. I stood in the rain, looked up at the clouds, breathed in the fresh air and thought wow.

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I thought about the ones without homes.

Without shelter.

Without warmth.

Without food.

I thought about those other cultures, other than the one I know, where this is life.

This is beautiful and this is real.

I thought about the ones who live outside, who breathe and live in nature and they know nothing else.

Where survival is the skill, but it’s still the battle between nature and man.

Just a different kind.

Then I breathed.

Inhaling life.

Exhaling death.

I breathed again.

And while breathing I gazed at the wonder above.

What to some is known quite simply as

The Sky.

Yet can that three-letter word truly define all that is infinite in this world?

As I wonder these amazing questions I see birds of a feather flock together.

I think for a moment about that old English saying…

But then I see the nature of life right before me.

People who are connected, who share a bond will always be together.

They share something that they share in themselves and this is that one moment where you can look in the mirror and see a reflection of beauty,


And as the birds fly away I continue to stare and ponder.

Trailing behind is a bird on it’s own.

Is that the representation of the one we leave behind?

Or perhaps lost somewhere along the way?

Or is that person just there for another reason?


Kept a distance by choice?

I conclude that in my brief encounter with the sky, I experienced everything to life in a moment bonding with what is real. Life.

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