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Phantom of the Opera

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Phantom of the Opera

For my paper topic I chose to attend a showing of the classic Broadway show, The Phantom of the Opera. The show opens up at an auction of opera memorabilia at the Paris Opera House. An old man by the name of Raoul bids for a strange musical box which appears to hold some special memory. After the remains of a chandelier are revealed the play leaps to the past when Raoul was in his prime.

A new opera is in rehearsal, and the manager of the opera announces his retirement after the show. While he is introducing the new manager a backdrop from the stage falls, and nearly takes out the leading lady. The people who are involved with the play believe that the falling backdrop was not an accident, and was the work of “The Ghost.” The leading lady storms off the stage leaving the production with out a star. Madame Giry, the ballet mistress, hands the managers a note from the opera ghost demanding a salary and a free box at the opera. Meg, Madame Giry’s daughter, suggests that her friend Christine Daae could take the role of leading lady. Christine has been taking singing lessons but refuses to say from whom.

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Later in the story the audience finds out that the person who has been giving Christine her lessons is in deed the man who has been haunting the opera house. In the story Christine ends up with Raoul, which angers the phantom greatly. After the phantom kills a couple people a mob of angry people come after the phantom, who has managed to take Christine hostage. In the end the phantom lets Christine go and disappears.

Overall I enjoyed the opera very much. I felt like the scenery was great, and the singing was incredible. It amazed me to hear songs that were sung with that much skill live. I had heard it before on c.d.’s and on television but there is nothing like hearing it in person. The costumes were elaborate and beautiful and definitely left the impression of a high dollar production.

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