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On March 11, Ryan Lewis left his hometown of Sharjah U.A.E. fro Toronto Canada. His parents made the decision based on the fact that it would be a better life for their family. They would be able to get better jobs and make more money, which they needed to since they’re one member more. Although, they would have to be leaving everything they had behind, they had hope for a better life in Canada. His family was ready to leave but Ryan didn’t know how to say bye.

The song I picked for this scene is Goodbye My Friend. This song says exactly what my family and I had to do. We had to say goodbye, to our home, our friends, and family. We had all been accustomed to that life. We all built great friendships and had significant experiences there. That place was not just a country, it was our home. It had a lot of memories, which were both good and bad. It was hard for my parents to leave too, but they knew it was all for the better. For me, it was different. I was wondering why we were leaving and leaving everything my parents worked for behind. Although I was very young, I had good friends there who I played and laughed with. I had good times there with my family and friends, and that’s why it was hard for me to say bye. But I was forced too. Saying good-bye to a friend is hard in itself. But saying goodbye to your country in which you experienced so many events is even harder.

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