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Lacey leads the story and most of the paragraphs are about his activities such as cliff walking and the purchasing of a walking stick. The reactions are always described through either Molly�s or another third persons eyes. This style of writing gives the reader no opportunity to know why Lacey is as he is. O�Brian portrays Lacey as snobbish and likes to act more important than he really is. The language that he uses to describe Lacey is very negative in its inference. The best example of this is, “… the nice couple from Letchworth (They where called Jones and had a greedy daughter he was an influential solicitor.” This shows that he thought of anyone with power as nice people. Molly is always described as being weak O�Brian uses words such as, “Jelly” and “baby” and phrases such as “staring unseeing” and “trembling lips”. This makes the reader feel protective towards her. O�Brian does this to emphasis the treatment of women in unhappy relationships at the time the story was written.The writer also paints an unflattering physical picture of Lacey in that although he is balding he combs his fine hair in such a way as to disguise the fact.

Not only is he mean to Molly but he is also mean with his money, only so much can be spent per day and any overspend by himself on a walking stick meant Molly must go without her tea. In the text Molly was never offered an alternative present to compensate for the money Lacey had spent on his stick. wwed edw esededs ayed edba ned kced eduk.

In pre decimal times (the reference to shillings) it was difficult for women without independent means to get a divorce so Molly must have felt stuck with Lacey. Even after her desperate attempt to kill Lacey, once he had convinced himself that it was an accident, her reaction was giving up all hope. We know this because of the quote, “ she turned her dying face to the ground”. The closing line of Molly marching down the path suggests that nothing has changed.

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