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Development Phase

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Development Phase

After exploring the war theme we began to develop our own piece of drama.

I used certain explorative strategies from the medium such as form, movement, mime and gesture, music and symbols to help me develop my piece of drama.

We also discussed how we could improve our drama piece using elements such as role-play, cross cutting and marking the moment. Discussing these helped us come up with ideas on how we could use them to link things together and how we could incorporate them into our piece. We used symbols as are main explorative strategy. We discussed how we could include a symbol throughout our piece of drama and what the symbol could represent. In the end we decided that our symbol would represent death.

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We chose death. As death is related to war and would fit in with all the pieces of texts that we are using in our final piece of drama. The symbol was combined of a gesture and a chant. Four members of our group began beckoning for me whilst chanting “Your time is up, come with us”.

This was effective because it got the point across to the audience that my time was up and I had to die and that death had come to get me and take me away. After we had discussed ideas and wrote down a general structure to the play, we began to put it together.

The play consisted of three pieces of text. The painting of the Napoleonic War by Goya, the Disaster of the Twin Towers and the poem ‘Suicide in the Trenches’, which was set in World War One.

Although we did not dictate any of the poem we still used the World War One theme. Of the man killing himself in the trenches to help us with our war theme, as we thought it linked in very well with the other two pieces of text.

The play began as we brought Goya’s painting to life 0 seconds before the scene on the picture. We used the symbol in this section to represent death coming for the religious civilian.

This section was abstract we then used this form to link to the next section by changing the form to naturalistic.

The next section was on the text ‘Suicide in the trenches’.

We started the piece off with an argument between a father and his son. We constructed this argument to sound as if the father was making the boy go to war but he was only making him go to the shop. We then showed the father about to hit the child, but as his hand came down simultaneously there was a knock on the door this marked the moment.

The section further continued showing the soldier as a child enjoying playing army in the street as a game. We then suddenly changed the army game into having to go to the real army.

We did this by changing the form and the tempo. We changed the form back into abstract and slowed the tempo down. We then added sad music, which created a sad atmosphere.

The sudden change of mood helped us get across to the audience that war isn’t all its made out to be. Getting this point across that war isn’t all its made out to be links in with a section of the poem when the author talks about ‘smug faced crowd’s with kindling eye, laugh as solider lads march by’. We then incorporated the symbol again showing that death would come soon for this person as he was going to war.

Again we had another sudden change of form as a group member burst in telling us all to get down. This part showed the people fighting the war. We decided to show some of the things the boy might have been going through in the poem.

We chose to show shell shock. We got this across to the audience by having the people still fighting the war but with no sound and the soldier stood up holding his head in his hands and walking round realising what war was all about.

Whilst every thing was silent (apart from the sad music) the soldiers got up turned and acted out the symbol again which then linked our next piece of text. We ended our symbol with me (the soldier) shouting “NO” as if to say no to death and then continued on to say “no more coke left” which marked the moment.

We then continued on to our next piece of text, which was the disaster of the twin towers. After I had said “no more coke left” I spoke about the plane being delayed to get across to the audience that we were in an airport. Whilst we were talking there was a still image on the other half of the stage. When we finished talking we froze and the other still image was brought to life we did by using cross cutting and still images.

When the still image came to life it displayed a man getting reading to go to work at the twin towers then freezing and cutting to us on the plane being hijacked. I was thrown into my seat by a terrorist as I hit the seat the plane hit the twin towers and there was an explosion. We got the point of the explosion across to the audience by marking the moment and bringing the other still image to life at the same time showing both sets of people being affected. We then linked this explosion back to the world war one text. We did this by linking the explosion of the plane to an explosion in the war. Again we showed people at war. Then as before everything went silent but instead of the soldiers moving they were still. I walked round and as I went to touch one of the soldiers they died. This represented that everything the soldier had he lost as if he had the touch of death. This got across to the audience what the soldier was going through. After this the soldier killed himself. We then chose to use the symbol again but instead of group of people there was just one person but instead of refusing to go the solider accepted and said, “My time is up”. We used one person as we thought it could represent the grim reaper because he was the final bringer of death, unlike the others who tried to coax him into death. So therefore in the end he decided and nobody else.

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