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world war 2

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To say that the United States wouldnt have entererd World War II if Japan hadnt attacked us would be an understatement. I think that the United States would have entered it if Japan hadnt attacked us, but not at the time that we actually did. It all started in the year of 11, when Japan wanted an expansion and an overseas empire. They occupied Manchuria for six years until Japan invaded China, tortured the people in Nanking, and started the war between Japan and China. In 141, Thailand invaded the French Indo-China and later Japan occupied it. Japans need to be expanded caused the United States to impose sanctions with the Pacific nation. Japan then decided to attack the United States, because they were low on oil and steel supplies. December 7th, 141, Japan made their attack against the United States naval forces at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. After the wreck, Japan mastered the islands around the Pacific, which brought World War II to them.

Now that you know how the United States was brought into this everlasting battle, Ill tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Travis Reynolds, and I was commander in the war. Im about 64, dark blue eyes, wavey hair, charming personality, and handsome looks. I was married and had two children. Around 10-something, I didnt really think I would have to go to war, but around 141, I was dead sure that I was going to be sent away. Believe it or not, I was actually in Pearl Harbor during the attack. It was a very sudden attack, both surprising and unexpecting. It was on the day of December 7th. My wife, two kids, and three girlfriends were all killed in the attack. I, for one, survived it because I am strong, quick, agile, and ferocious. At the end, I found out that in all, 400 people were killed, six battleships were sunk, three destroyers were sunk, three light cruisers were sunk, and 164 aircrafts were destroyed. It was a Japanese victory to say the least. At the end, I found out that the attack was led by Admiral Yamamoto Isoroku, and I really wanted revenge, right then and there. I wanted to strangle this guy until his guts popped out somewhere else other than his mouth. I mean, come on, my entire family and all my friends were killed. Right now, I just wanted to die myself, but I thought I could take out Yamamoto all by myself.

Unfortunatly, I never did get that chance to strangle Yamamotos guts out. If you thought I was mad after Pearl Harbor, then wait until you hear this next battle the Battle of Midway. The Japanese had a setback at Coral Sea, so they turned their attention to one of the United States last Pacific holdings - Midway Island. Admiral Yamamoto was again behind all of this, and his plan was to invade Midway Island, and then stage an invasion of Hawaii, completely eliminating the Americans from the Pacific. Admiral Chester Nimitz comanded the Americans, including myself, into battle against the Japanese after we broke the Japanese codes. He sent out all the carriers, including the Enterprise, the Hornet (which was where I was, commanding the ship), and the Yorktown, which the Japanese thought they had sunk at the Battle of Coral Sea. The Japanese had some force of their own as well. They had four aircraft carriers and an invasion fleet around several battleships. On June 4, 14, Japan launched their attack on Midway Island and caused heavy damage to the island. However, they had no idea that the Americans were waiting for them with Admiral Fletcher on board. Before the Japanese could launch another attack on Midway Island, American torpedo bombers attacked the Japanese carriers. Japan was cought offguard and were unable to to launch any fighter protection, and were soon forced off course. Most of the torpedo bombers were shot down, but as they were finishing their work, the American dive-bombers showed up and attacked the Japenase carriers. Three of the four were sank soon afterwards, and the last remaining carrier thought it could take on the American carrier force, and it severely damaged the Yorktown, knocking the ship out of the battle. However, both my ship and the Enterprise launched an attack on the remaining Japanese carrier, and I sunk the last of the Japanese Navy. Okay, that might be a little bit of exageration, but it was the Hornet and the Enterprise, and thats good enough. The Yorktown just nearly survived, but on June 7th, a Japanese submarine finished it off with a torpedo. On the other hand, it was an American victory this time and we put the Japanese on the defensive side for the rest of the war.

After the attacks on Pearl Harbor and Midway, I seemed to be really interested in Yamamoto Isoroku, the admiral in charge of the attacks on the islands. I had a friend get his hands on a computer (which was way out of our time, but just play along) and I did a little research on this Admiral Yamamoto. I read that he was a career naval officer in the Imperial Japanese Navy, and he planned the attack on Pearl Harbor because he knew Japan wouldnt last a chance against the Americans in the war. He had traveled to America and saw how technologically advanced we were and decided to do a sneak attack on us, then decided to strike back at Midway. After I read all this, I was extremely disappointed because I knew basically all of it. I stored the computer away for another use and was then informed that we had encountered Yamamotos travel plans. I was then sent, with my own fighter, to hunt and destroy Yamamotos plane. It wasnt too long after I found his plane that I shot it down and killed all on board, and didnt have a single bit of guilty thoughts.

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Now that Yamamoto was dead, I thought Id go back home to my computer and do some research on a man called Adolf Hitler, just for the fun of it. It turns out that he was born in Austria in 188 and fought in World War I. He was angered by the peace treaty on Germany. Since then, he sought to reverse the peace that he thought had humiliated his country. In 11, he founded the National Socialist Workers Party, and then in 1, he was thrown in prison for the Munich Putsch. He blamed severe economic downturn on the Jews in 10 and got several seats in the German legislature. He was the leader of Germany and one of the most hated and feared men in all of human history. After I read that, I was really glad that I wasnt on this guys bad side. Well, I was an American, so I guess I was. Then for some strange reason, I started to think back to 141 when my family was killed in the attack at Pearl Harbor. I started to think of Franklin Roosevelt, who was in his first year of unprecedented third term as President. After the Pearl Harbor incident, Roosevelt addressed Congress, giving a famous speech that included the line we have nothing to fear but fear itself. After Roosevelt, I decided to look up on Dwight E. Eisenhower, a United States Military Commander. He graduated from West Point Military Academy in 115 and rose quickly through the ranks of the United States Army. He was named Chief of Staff at the outbreak of World War II. In 14, Marshall sent Eisenhower to Great Britain to command troops there. After the war, Eisenhower served as Army Cheif of Staff. In 15 he ran for President of the United States as a Republican, and then died in 16.

During the war, Roosevelt met with Winston Churchill, Prime Minister of Great Britain; Josef Stalin, Premier of the Soviet Union; and Chiang Kai-shek, the President of China; in the city of Cairo. Roosevelt and Churchill set much of the allies military strategy and urged the creation of a United Nations to help prevent future wars like World War II. Roosevelt died on April 1, 145, while serving his fourth term as President. Harry S. Truman became the next president. Albert Einstein sent him a letter on how we should use nuclear weapons so Truman dropped bombs, including the Atomic Bomb, over Japan until they surrendered. The Atomic Bomb was one of the reasons why the war ended, but also because of the United Nations, which was between the United States and Great Britain in 141. A year later, the United States, Great Britain, China, and the Soviet Union signed the United Nations Declaration which was a pledge to support each other to defeat Germany.

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