Saturday, July 9, 2011

Spider Man

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A critic comments, �Action and dventure films have tremendous

cross-over potential as film genres. Both types of films come in a variety of

forms of genre-hybrids…Often times action films are great box office hits, but

lack critical appeal.” An action adventure film is one whose plot involves a

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large number of action scenes and/or car chases, fights, or spur of the moment

escapes. �Spiderman’s” 11 minute run time races through all of the

action/adventure characteristics without deviating from the movie’s plot. The

first violence scene takes place at school between Peter Parker, Spiderman, and

Flash, the school bully. He uses his web for the first time, has the ability to

dodge hits, do back flips, and punches flash with strength he didn’t know

existed. The student body is just as shocked as Peter about his strength,

quickness, agility, and acrobatics. After Peter’s Uncle is shot to death,

Peter chases the murderers get away car. Not with another vehicle or on foot,

but by swinging from building to building on his webs and landing on the hood of

the murderer’s car during a high-speed chase with the cops. Peter first

battles the Green Goblin at a parade. Spiderman uses his supernatural powers to

save the lives the Green Goblin sets out to destroy. In the battle between the

two supernatural beings, Spiderman defeats the Green Goblin by destroying his

flying method of transportation. The Goblin flees the fight scene after

threatening Spiderman with their next battle. Spiderman makes his best spur of

the moment escape when the Green Goblin fights him in a fire-blazed building.

After the Battle, Spiderman flees out a window before the Goblin can blink.

Spiderman defeats evil and drives the Goblin to his death in the final battle of

the film. The Goblin makes Spiderman choose between his beloved MJ and a group

of school children. Both parties scream for Spiderman’s help, and to the

Goblin’s dismay Spiderman is able to save both MJ and the children. The

battle between the good and evil continues in an abandoned building where the

Goblin attacks Spiderman with punches, fireballs, and kicks. Spiderman fights

back and dodges the Goblins deathly stab, which in turn, kills the Goblin


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