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Pearl Harbor

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“Pearl Harbor vividly evokes an era of American innocence and the explosive moment that abruptly ended it”(calendar live 1). America had just worked its way out of the great depression and there was a mood of cautious and innocent optimism, which was somewhat, tethered by war in Europe. However on December 7th 141 was the day innocence died and began an era of patriotism, which has yet to be equaled. President Roosevelt stated, “December 7th 141-a date that will live in infamy”(Pearl Harbor the Movie and the Moment). The movie Pearl Harbor directed by Michael Bay and produced by Jerry Bruckheimer & Michael Bay accurately depicts the historical facts of World War II as well as the mind set before and after the attack at Pearl Harbor.

The Attack at Pearl Harbor was a surprise to the people in the United States. There were 11 navy nurses that were stationed at Pearl Harbor. If the United States knew that Japan was going to attack at Pearl Harbor they would have moved all of their troops. Japan didn’t like the United States very much because they didn’t have very many natural resources and they depended on the United States. The United States started to cut off exports and imports especially oil. At that time the American Stock Market had crashed and Japan was one of the first nations to get hit by the economic depression. There were many things that made Japan attack on the United States at Pearl Harbor.

The movie Pearl Harbor was very accurate to the real life event. The movie mostly focused on the hospitals stationed at Pearl Harbor. There were ,88 people killed and ,000 people injured at Pearl Harbor. With that many people injured everyone started to go to the hospital. Once more and more people went to the hospital the hospital became more and more unsanitary. There were so many injured people that they didn’t have any room for them. They had to find places in the kitchen just to put the people. There weren’t enough doctors and nurses to help everyone and they could only take the people who might have a chance to live. The way the movie showed that they needed blood donors by asking Rafe and Danny to give blood. The hospital was one of the events that made the movie seem accurate to the real life event.

The tests in the movie were very similar to the ones that pilots really have to go through. The ages of 0 through 0 had to have eyesight of at least 0/40. Rafe in the movie was scared that he wasn’t going to be able to pass the test. If you don’t pass the test than you can’t be able to fly and that’s on thing that Rafe loved to do. The pilot also needed a college education or a high school diploma. The eagle squadron had to go through many medical exams. The tests were very strict on who they would take or wouldn’t take for the Eagle Squadron.

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The wardrobe was accurate compared to the real event at Pearl Harbor. The every day life clothes that they wore in Hawaii was pretty accurate. They wore Hawaiian shirts but they weren’t as flowery printed as they are now in Hawaii. All the uniforms were being updated at that time. They wore helmets that were worn in World war I. Once the United States went into World War II than the wardrobe started to change. The wardrobe was a big part of the accuracy of the movie to the real event.

There were a couple big historical changes that were made from the director and the producer. The whole love story was just to make the movie more entertaining to the viewers. Kids were getting married right before they went off to war, but the whole plot story about Rafe, Danny and Evelyn was not true. Another thing that the producer and director changed was in the beginning when Evelyn was giving the eye test to Rafe and he failed. The Evelyn let him pass because he kept on begging to pass him. That wouldn’t have happened in the real life. The Military is too strict to be able to let some just go with out passing the test. There weren’t very many changes that the director and produced made but the ones that they did make were big.

This movie was a big hit because it’s a reflection of the time period that we live in now. In movies today we look for some action pack, interesting a movie that keeps the viewer on their seat. Love stories always entertain people and want to watch more. Pearl Harbor is a big blockbuster video. It has all of those up to date qualities that everyone is looking for in this time period.

The point of view of this movie that the producer and the director were trying to make impacted everyone who watched the movie. Michael Bay and Jerry Bruckheimer made this movie for the survivors to live through the event again and try to get over the whole thing that had happened. It also showed the kids of today’s generation what really had happened and how horrible it was to live through what had happened and how it was all a surprise on the United States. We lost a bunch of people and everyone should know what happened and why it happened. The point of view of the movie really impacted people through out the country.

The political and historical views of the film producer and the director were a big impact on the United States. When the director and the producer were getting information about the whole event. They talked to the survivors of the people at Pearl Harbor. They saw the tears in the survivor’s eyes and knew that they had to make a movie about it. The whole event changed America’s feelings. The director really liked how the whole United States got together and helped each other out. The patriotism hasn’t ever been that strong. We lost so many innocent people, but it made the United States come together and become one big nation.

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