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marijuana info

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Marijuana, or cannabis as it is known internationally, is a plant whose presence is almost universal in our world today. Conservative international reports estimate that there are now 00 million cannabis users. Recent reports indicate that 10 percent of the adult population in the United States are regular users, a figure that is probably similar for many countries in Europe. Its use is also widespread in Africa, Asia, many Arab nations, parts of South America and the Caribbean, as well as Australia and New Zealand. In 178, more than 5. million kilograms (1 million pounds) of cannabis were seized by police worldwide. Authorities estimated that this did not exceed 10 percent of the total traffic.

Guerrilla farmers or underground narcotic horticulturists aim to grow cannabis plants that contain the most THC (Tetrahydrocannibinol), the main hallucinogenic agent in marijuana. This is celebrated at a competition in Europe called The Cannabis Cup. The judges determine the winner by testing the potency, taste, smell and appearance.

The buds of the plant are the most potent part of the plant, followed by the leaves, flowers, stems and finally seeds and roots. The top part of the plant is the most potent part. This is followed by the inner area and the lower area. Also the older the plant gets, the more THC it produces.

Afghan Gold, Super Skunk, Hawaii Maui Waui, Early Girl, Indica and Hindu Kush

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Are some of the building blocks used in cross-pollination. These create different breeds that may be superior or may just have one special quality (Ex. Dutch Hope + Super Skunk = Purple Power). The seeds usually take 6-10 days to germinate. Once the seeds are germinated it will still take at least 6 weeks (depending on the strain) to flower. Some types of cannabis are chosen to be grown just because it has one or two special qualities. For instance one type of cannabis may be chosen because it grows tall and well outdoors. Other types may be chosen because it will grow inside of a small portable greenhouse and has large buds.

A small portable greenhouse is a key piece of equipment used in guerrilla farming. It may be a professional piece of equipment that could cost hundreds of dollars or just a wooden chest with a light inside. Metal halogen lights are the standard for growing this crop, although some people use fluorescent lights. These light fixtures produce the proper light spectrum for optimum growing. A common tactic of todays narcotic farmer is to plant the seeds in a forest or among similar, legal plants. Marijuana can be spotted from a helicopter because of its unique colour. Marijuana and hashish both come from the hemp plant or cannabis sativa. Marijuana is taken from the leaves, buds, flowers and roots. Hashish is a resin taken from the top of the plant. Hashish is 5-8 times stronger than marijuana In addition, the percentage of THC in wild cannabis is only about 0.5%. Whereas some genetically modified marijuana plants can have up to 0 percent!

A recent invention of an entrepreneur in British Colombia makes growing these plants simple and easy. It takes care of cloning, watering, lighting, air humidity and virtually everything else that a plant needs. This is not a standard growing tool because this refrigerator-shaped tool costs a whopping thirty five hundred dollars Canadian.

Marijuana can be used legally for its medicinal. Some of the diseases that allow for marijuana usage are Terminal Cancer and AIDS. Through prohibition and police raids this delicate plant has managed to survive and will probably survive for the years to come.

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