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Huck FInn

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The Defining Moment

A defining moment can mean many different things to many different people. There are many different moments within the different short stories and novels that I have read in the last few weeks that stand out as potential defining moments. In the short story A White Heron by Sarah Orne Jewett the defining moment is fairly simple to find and for the most part the author is clear that this moment is the intended defining moment. The novel, The Adventures of Huck Finn by Mark Twain is less clear about the intended defining moment in fact the author goes so far as to tell the reader that if they persist in attempting to find a moral or motive in the novel they will be punished. Which in essence tell the reader that the novel is purely intended for entertainment (later critics will ignore these remarks). The last novel I will reference to is The Monkey Wrench Gang by Edward Abbey. This novel unlike the others consists of several complex characters. These characters function as a group so instead of the individuals having specific defining moments the group through there actions and thoughts act as a defining moment.

In the short story A White Heron, the young girl becomes intrigued by a stranger who has come to town to find a white heron, the girl (Sylvia) is offered ten dollars to show the stranger where the heron’s nest is. It is at this moment that the girl finds herself in the age-old moral dilemma of choosing between money and the natural beauty of nature. As the girl ventures into the woods she climbs a large tree and spots the white heron but, as she watches as she is struck by it’s grace and beauty and realizes that if she is to return to the stranger and tell him of the heron her actions will be entirely self-serving and cannot destroy the animal.

In the novel Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Huck is the primary character but his development as a character relies on the supporting characters. The character that seems to have the most affect on Huck is Jim a slave who has escaped from his master and is attempting to find freedom and purchase the rest of his family from slavery so that they might be reunited. Most of this takes place in the middle of the novel as Jim and Huck travel down the river. Initially Huck thinks of Jim as a lesser being and often plays hurtful and sometimes harmful jokes on him. But, as they spend more time together Huck begins to realize that Jim is human like him self with feelings and thought that are to be valued. The best example of Huck’s growth is when he and Jim are traveling near Cairo and Huck fools Jim into thinking that he has died and when Jim begins to catch on that is he has played a joke on him he expresses that it was a terrible thing to make him feel so sad over Huck’s possible death. While Huck never explains to Jim that he is sorry he begins to feel guilty for making Jim worry about him. This is a major change in his attitude and represents real growth because up until this point Huck has been doing things only for himself and thinking only of himself and how others can help and entertain him. For me this is the defining moment for Huck’s character because of the lasting change it has on him.

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The novel The Monkey Wrench Gang centers around the characters George Hayduke, Bonnie Abbzug, Seldom Smith, and Doctor Sarvis. These characters have decided to reclaim the Midwest and it’s natural wonders from the corporate and government development that has taken place over the last one hundred years or so by, destroying excessive bridges (bridges that serve only the purpose of minority) and dams that have flooded the valleys that once were home to many a small town and wildlife. There commitment up to the moment that they attack a railway system that runs minerals from the mine out to the refining plants miles away is mostly simple destruction to land-moving machines and the like but here they will likely draw the anger of the local and federal policing agencies. But most importantly in the moment that they are trying to blow the bridge the supposed unmanned train is manned and they have to make a decision as to how committed they are to their cause. When in that instant that they must make the decision to blow the bridge or not there will be no turning back. They make the decision to blow the bridge, train and all making there commitment final and definitive.

In each of these stories there is a moment where the main character(s) must make a decision that will force them to change as an individual. These moments will later change either the personality or moral fiber of the individual. It is these kinds of changes that I believe define the defining moment

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