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Recently, under the direction of Martha Burk, feminists have begun a crusade against the Augusta National golf club. Burk and her league of feminists are urging the club, “to be fair, to not discriminate against women and basically to come into the twenty-first century (News WSB-TV 1).” Burk wants Augusta National to change the all-male policy, and open its doors to women. As it is, women can play at Augusta National if invited by a member, but cannot be members themselves. William W. “Hootie” Johnson, chairman of Augusta National, is outraged at the idea. In a statement to the press Johnson said, “our membership alone decides our membership-not any outside group with its own agenda (Washington Times 1).” Legally Johnson is right because Augusta National is a private organization. I do not believe that Augusta National should give in to the feminists. The feminists should leave the decision to fight this up to the women golfers. Feminists are bad about picking battlefields where the women involved don’t want to be “equal”. Augusta National is a private organization and legally has the right to pick its membership how it chooses. The feminists aren’t really concerned about being able to play golf at Augusta National. It’s just one more battle on the path to get rid of all-male organizations.

Who are the feminists to decide the fate of Augusta National? If female golfers are really that concerned about the membership rules let them fight this battle. I don’t understand why this means so much to Martha Burk, because she doesn’t play golf. If the club did decide to allow female members, I doubt that Burk would be in a hurry to sign up. I think Burk and her army of feminists should have paid a little more attention to the female golfers. A couple of years ago some feminists in congress were trying to make it so women in the armed forces could do everything in combat that men could do. They did not stop for one second to ask what the women wanted. Had they listened a little closer, they would have heard the voices of just about every woman in the military saying, “No no no! We don’t want that!” Men, whether you like it or not, are the stronger more dominant sex. There are some things, no matter how passionately you feel that women are equal, that women just have no business doing, or flat out don’t want to do. The feminists never stopped to consider that though did they?

Legally, Augusta National can do what ever it wants. It is a private organization and has the right to pick and choose its members how ever it sees fit. It just doesn’t make sense that the feminists are so distraught about the fact that the club discriminates based on sex. There are several female organizations that discriminate based on sex. According to Martha Burk that isn’t fair, does she propose that we get rid of all female organizations too? This school discriminates based on sex. Legally, they are correct too, this is a private college, and as a private college they can say that men are not allowed to be students here. Why is it that feminists look over this and say that single sex education is beneficial to women, but a golf club that allows only male members is discriminatory?

I don’t think that the issue of golf has very much to do with it anyway. Some feminists seem to be on a warpath to rid the world of all-male organizations. They claim any organization that doesn’t allow women is discriminatory. However, they will argue until they are blue in the face that women’s colleges give women a greater chance at success than women who attended co-ed universities. Isn’t this a little hypocritical? Feminists are always sticking their noses where they don’t belong. They’ve attacked the Citadel, the Boy Scouts, the military, and now Augusta National. I guess I can give them a little credit on the Citadel. It is a public school and my tax dollars support it. I would be a little perturbed if I couldn’t attend. However, what is with the Boy Scouts? Why not be a Girl Scout? I was a Girl Scout and I got to go camping, fishing, hiking, and do community service just like a Boy Scout. I think it should stay that way because when you’re that young those sorts of things are best done with people the same sex as you. Who needs little boys hiding frogs and worms in the girls’ sleeping bags? Burk may be doing her cause more harm than good by being so militant. If the feminists don’t watch out, they are about to be faced with some backlash from the men. I don’t want to loose the ability to benefit from a single sex education because a couple of women out there want to be seen as “manly.”

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Martha Burk and her band of whiny women have tried lately to pressure Augusta National into allowing female membership. The chairman of the club, William Johnson, isn’t having any of it. He said, “We will not be bullied, threatened, or intimidated. We do not intend to become a trophy in their display case (Eagle Forum 1).” I agree with Johnson. The feminists don’t care about playing golf at Augusta National. The only thing they are concerned about is ridding the world of another all-male organization in the name of equality for women. Augusta National is a private organization and can pick its members however it chooses. If female golfers are really upset about not being able to play golf at Augusta National then let them fight that battle. Burk has no business trying to tell Augusta National whom it has to admit as a member when she doesn’t play golf, and wouldn’t be a member even if women were allowed in. Stop whining, let the boys be boys and go out with the girls for once. That’s right, there is a difference, get over it.

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