Saturday, July 16, 2011

a cat

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what would u look like if u were a cat or a dog but you only wernt u actualy were a human but you had a bald head with like no hair and stuff like that, i think^. im so confused a bout what i just wrote its not even funny.

ok wait its actualy halarious but im so tired im not going to laugh.but who gives a dam or a river for that matter whats thae point of caring u only for get a bout it soon er or later. so its got to be better to not care athorwise who would care if u cared about what they cared about, what the heell did i just type.....u dont care ! me niether there fore we can say that no one actualy cares . do you un der stand what im saying? arwe u crying boy, want sum french crys ha ? mabe a wynikan ive only just realiswed how long 50 words is its actualy very very vey very very very evry long like your moms dick. ok ill admit its not that long ok lets all admit this is sofucking boring, i hope we can sweaar here oopsi but its still long but and how yes no non on on on on on on off ha got u!! im such a mad oak hey .i rate they should like make teethbrush free for all those people with no teeth bcos no one would ... oh fuckit im dead ahh no ways give a guy a break this has got to be 50 words atleast by now why no no no no no no no no yes , ha got u again

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