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Aunt Jennifers Tigers

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Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers, by Adrienne Rich is a poetic depiction of a woman’s struggle against her dominating husband. Rich vividly manages to convey an upsetting, heartfelt story within her text, while still maintaining beautiful, thought provoking use of our language. This paper is an attempt to display my experience, interpretation, and evaluation of different pieces of her poetic masterpiece. Since the outlines for this assignment were relatively vague, I am only covering my favorite sections of the poem, as they are where my strongest feelings arose.

When my eyes first ventured to page 405 in our Literature book, I had no idea what I was about to experience. I began reading what was to become one of my favorite poems, Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers. Honestly, I am not an avid reader or fan of poetry, but there was something about Rich’s poem that made it stand out from the others that I have read in the past. I did not have a clue what the poem was trying to convey the first time I soaked it into my mind. After rereading the text several times, I began to understand, enjoy and appreciate what Adrienne Rich meant when she penned this great poem. Initially, I was heavily upset and full of pity. Aunt Jennifer seemed so oppressed by her husband. I got the impression that her only escape from this suppression was sewing her tigers. I feel that the importance of her tigers being their power, prowess, and independence. The tigers symbolized everything that Jennifer wanted in her tangible world that she was not able to obtain. They lived the lifestyle that she believed was not only perfect, but also right, and this led her to envy their existence.

Some of my stronger feelings about the poem came from the lines “The massive weight of Uncle’s wedding band” (Rich 405), “Still ringed with ordeals she was mastered by” (Rich 405). They affected me the most because I feel they are the most powerful lines that Rich was able to express in her poem. These two lines are chock full of negative emotion. If they had been excluded from the poem, I think that Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers would not have been as cleverly executed. Alone, those lines describe how deeply oppressive her husband was. Other lines also explain the significance of the tigers; this is done by showing why Jennifer creates these sewn images.

Rich utilizes the act of repition in her writing to expose certain key ides. The lines above are also an example of this. Both lines express the same idea, and that is the control that Jennifer’s husband has over her. This is a very integral part of the poem to me because Rich has told me more than once about oppression. Obviously making that idea very important.

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Another example of Rich repeating herself are the line “They pace in sleek chivalric certainty” (Rich 405), and “Will go on prancing, proud and unafraid” (Rich 405). These lines are both similar in the fact that they depict the tiger’s independent and headstrong qualities. By writing those lines, it conveys why Jennifer wants to be like the tigers she so vividly sews.

The next section of this essay deals with my evaluation of the poem. Adrienne Rich associates certain values to the characters in her poem. She does a great job of making the ideas really clear. To her Aunt, she assigns the characteristic of being weak. She also shows us that she was a dreamer. Rich also shows us that her uncle was a controlling, power hungry monster. Rich then depicts for us the idea that the tigers are powerful and independent, while their hunters have less courage and toughness.

My own values and idea greatly affected the way I reacted to the poem. I feel that equality and independence are very important to the lives of any human beings. Since I think this way, it is very simple for someone to see how I immediately felt bad for Rich’s aunt. It also explains why I despised her uncle.

In this paper I tried to express my ideas about my interpretation, evaluation and experience while reading Adrienne Rich’s poem. Overall, I enjoyed the poem Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers and soon after reading it, it became one of my favorites.

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